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4x4 insurance


Designed for 4x4 drivers who enjoy doing most of their driving in the country, our 4x4 car insurance offers comprehensive cover with a host of benefits, giving you the flexibility and freedom to sit back and enjoy the ride.

We understand how important it is to have specialised insurance for your vehicle to protect you should the worst happen.

Limits and exclusions apply.

Please ensure you read the insurance policy document in full before you decide to proceed with any purchase.

4x4 Insurance Features

There are many standard features to our 4x4 insurance product - below are just a few. If you want more information, please view our policy document.

Do I get 'no claims' discount?

  • Previous year no claims = 30%
  • 2 years = 40%
  • 3 years = 50%
  • 4 years = 60%
  • 5 years = 65%
  • 6 years = 66%
  • 7 years = 67%

Do I get a new car replacement?

New car replacement if your vehicle is less than 2 years old from the date of first registration, is a UK specified model and damaged beyond economical repair

Do I get a courtesy car?

Courtesy car (subject to one being available) at no extra cost (up to 14 days), when you report the accident on our claims helpline and use one of our approved repairers

No extra admin charges

No extra administration charges if you need to make any changes to your policy

Take the time
to talk to us

Sometimes the type of cover is more important than the price. By talking to us you can find out just what is covered by our 4x4 insurance.

For a Proper Conversation