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Coronavirus: Equine Insurance

NFU Mutual has received many questions from worried owners and riders who are very concerned with regard to insurance cover in place as further restrictions are implemented by the Government to help combat the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Detailed below are a few commonly occurring questions which we have provided answers to in the hope to put customers minds at rest.

If you’re worried about your situation, and can’t find your answer here, then remember your local Agent or Mutual Direct are here to help.

Under the Loss of Animal section, we will pay the additional costs of livery for your horse if you have to go into hospital for more than 72 consecutive hours as a result of an accident, illness or disease and no alternative arrangements can be made for looking after your horse. This is specific in relation to being admitted to hospital and there is no cover provision under the NFU Mutual Horse & Rider policy to cover additional livery charges if the policyholder becomes ill and needs to self-isolate.

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Under the NFU Mutual Horse and Rider policy, it’s a general condition that you do everything reasonable to look after your horse, including appropriate worming and vaccination, regular foot care by a registered farrier and annual dental checks.

It’s also stated with regard to specific vaccinations, if your horse suffers from tetanus we will not pay your claim unless you can prove your horse has a current tetanus vaccination. To support our policyholders during the pandemic, we signed up to the Association of British Insurers’ Pet pledge to consider claims made as a result of routine booster vaccinations not being possible.

However, from 31st May 2021, claims of this nature will no longer be considered due to the fact that veterinary services are now operating as normal meaning you must continue to arrange any routine vaccinations or health checks. 

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NFU Mutual will look at each case individually with regard to ongoing treatment and may defer the length of time of the claim.

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Once the Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions have been lifted it is expected that the average claim cost for alternative treatment may increase. This is due to routine treatments having to be postponed. NFU Mutual will look at each of these cases and pay additional costs where appropriate.

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