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Coronavirus: Home Insurance

We understand there’s a lot of change to routine at the moment, with many of our customers working from home, looking after children, or self-isolating.

We’ve put together some FAQs to help answer your questions on your home insurance policy.

Please note that as of 31st May 2021, there are some changes to working from home cover which mean you may need to get in touch with us to update your policy. Please see below for further information.

If you’re an office-based worker who is working from home, our home insurance policies will cover you and you don’t need to let us know.

However, if you are working from home and your home is used to conduct any of the following activities, you’ll need to get in touch to discuss your policy:

  • Face to face meetings with business clients
  • Making, selling or storing business goods from your home, in particular any valuables or items that include hazardous or flammable material
  • Offering services such as hair and beauty treatment, personal training, child minding or dog grooming
  • Or if your home has been adapted solely for the purpose of home working, or if you’ve acquired new business equipment that belongs to you.

If you cannot visit the property, we would encourage you to make alternative arrangements where possible – a neighbour, for example, who could visit/inspect whilst still observing social distancing measures. However, if this isn’t practical, we wouldn’t apply any changes to the terms until the government relax the restrictions in place.

Yes – our home emergency cover is still available and engineers are still attending properties to fix problems, however, please bear with us as due to the social distancing measures in place visits are taking longer and so it make take longer than usual for us to be able to attend your property.

If your property becomes uninhabitable from an insured incident then we’ll work pragmatically with you to make sure that you and your family can move to temporary accommodation safely.

Your insurance only covers damage to the property from insured risks and as the Coronavirus is not an insured risk you wouldn’t be able to claim for this.