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Questions about your protection policy


We understand it’s a worrying time at the moment and you may have questions about your policy.

If you took out your policy before August 2016: 

No, please call 0800 622 323, e-mail or complete the form and one of our customer service teams will be in touch shortly

We are sorry to hear that, please call us on 0800 622 323 and one of our customer service teams will be able to help you.

Our life insurance policies will pay out if cause of death is Covid-19. If you have a Critical illness policy Covid 19 is not one of the conditions specified in the policy.

Under normal circumstances we always need to verify the customer to carry out a transaction, however under exceptional circumstances we will look to take instruction where we can.

We recognise some customers may be struggling to maintain their premiums at this difficult time. In certain circumstances, we could offer a deferral of up to three months which may be suitable for some customers who are facing immediate cash flow challenges. If a deferral is taken, you will be required to pay any missed payments in full irrespective of whether you decide to continue with your cover at the end of the 3 month deferral period. Please call 0800 622 323, e-mail or complete a web form and one of our customer service teams will be in touch shortly.

Yes, you will still be protected by the plan and we would pay any valid claim in full during this period.

However, if you took out your policy after August 2016 then your policy is with AIG – if you have questions about those policies, information can be found below. 

Customers have the option to reduce their premium for six months and continue to be insured, but at a lower level of cover, via a Flexible Policy Request – see more information on the AIG website or speak to your NFU Mutual Financial Adviser.

We hope and encourage our policyholders to stay healthy at this time, claims related to coronavirus would be reviewed and handled like any other life insurance claim.

No. The virus is not a named critical illness and therefore would not be a valid reason for a claim under a critical illness policy.

A diagnosis of coronavirus will be considered under an income protection policy. AIG Life policies are written with a minimum deferred period of four weeks but payments can be deferred up to one year. Payments are also dependent on the insured satisfying occupation definitions specific to their policy wording.

Income protection is paid subject to the illness continuing beyond our defined deferred period – which is a minimum of 4 weeks but can be up to 52 weeks. If after a period of quarantine an illness develops and goes beyond the deferred period, we will consider a claim. All claims will be based on whether the individual meets the definition of disability in their policy. We would not expect coronavirus to be an extended illness in the vast majority of cases.

Did you know as an existing AIG policy holder you have access to six free services called Smart Health.

If you want to discuss your products or need more information, please complete our form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.