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St Austell

3 Southview House, St Austell Enterprise Park, Carclaze, St Austell, PL25 4EJ

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Welcome to NFU Mutual St Austell agency. Our area includes St Austell, Newquay, St Columb and the surrounding areas. Originally mainly looking after the insurance needs of farming businesses, NFU Mutual has successfully diversified into commercial and non farming insurances. It is our aim to look after our customers and provide a local service to be proud of.

NFU Mutual

Our team

Ian Maddever

Senior Agent & NFU Group Secretary

Ian brings a wealth of business experience to the St Austell office with a strong background in agriculture. Ian has always lived and worked in the area and fully understands the needs of rural clients from private individuals through to the largest companies in the community. Ian’s focus for the team is heavily on customer satisfaction through all aspects of insurance and on ensuring all customers have the option to take advantage of the host of financial services available to them through NFU Mutual. Ian’s vision for the future of the office is to further cement its position as the premier insurer in the area through continued growth achieved by a highly professional team of motivated staff that carry the customers best interest as the first priority.

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Hannah Myatt-Neal

Agent & NFU Assistant Group Secretary

Hannah has been with NFU Mutual for 11 years and brings to the office a wealth of knowledge and experience in farming and commercial insurance. As an Agent & Group Secretary, Hannah believes the key to delivering first class personal service is to understand her client’s needs. Hannah’s main aim is to provide insurance, financial services and risk management solutions for both farming and commercial clients as well as be on hand to assist NFU members.

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Jessica Pellymounter

Customer Support Team Leader

Jess leads our team of Customer Support Advisers ensuring that all customer needs are met in an efficient and compliant manner. Jess is licenced to provide insurance quotations and process mid term adjustments for motor vehicles, home & lifestyle, horse & rider and commercial policies. Jess is also able to give advice on and process small home & lifestyle claims up to a delegated authority of £4,000, ensuring your claim is dealt with as efficiently as possible. Jess can also assist with making financial services appointments with our Financial Adviser Sam Letchford to discuss your financial planning, investment and protection needs.

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Mark Taylor

Customer Service Adviser

Mark brings a wealth of experience to the office having been a member of the St Austell team for over 15 years. Mark is licensed in all NFU Mutual products enabling him to assist our clients with mid-term adjustments, quotations and office based/telephone renewal reviews.

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Gemma Pellymounter

Customer Service Adviser

Gemma is always happy to provide our clients with new quotations as well as process mid-term adjustments for motor vehicles, home & lifestyle and horse and rider policies. Gemma can also assist with making financial services appointments with our Financial Adviser Sam Letchford to discuss your financial planning, investment and protection needs.

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Adam Peters

Customer Service Adviser

Adam is our newest team member, currently working towards licences in all motor and personal insurances. Adam has a strong customer service background and is on hand to help with incoming enquiries.

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Sam Letchford

Financial Adviser

Sam joined NFU Mutual in November 2017 bringing with her a wide range of previous experience from 20 years in the financial services industry. She is proud to be able to provide face to face financial service advice to help individuals, families and all types of businesses including our farming customers. Sam is able to visit you to discuss your individual situation and offer expert advice on aspects of financial planning. If you would like to receive financial advice, please contact us and we will arrange an appointment with Sam for you.

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