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Service Sectors

Businesses within the service sector often rely on specialist skills, information systems, consumables suppliers, and sometimes specialist equipment. 

If a major incident or disruption occurred with your systems or suppliers, it could impact on your ability to provide your service to your customers.  
It's therefore important if this happens that there are plans in place to help you reduce the impact to your customers. Otherwise there is a risk that customers could find an alternative supplier, which could cause you a loss of income and damage to your reputation.    
We know recovering from disruption or an incident can be challenging, but if you have a business continuity plan in place, this will help you to identify potential single points of failure and highlight measures that could help to limit any impact to your business. 
So, to help support our customers in the service sector, we’ve partnered with business continuity experts Inoni, to produce a range of tools to help make sure you’re prepared should the worst happen. In our toolkit below you’ll be able to: 

  • Assess your current resilience using our simple business resilience health check
  • Identify possible areas you need to address 
  • Access free downloadable templates to help you create a working business continuity plan  
  • Read our latest news articles which highlight some of the main risks you need to consider when assessing your businesses resilience. 

Business Continuity Template for Service Sectors [Docx: 166KB]

Other Business Continuity Templates