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Fire Safety

Protecting commercial property from the risk of fire

Businesses must adopt a proactive stance when managing fire safety

A fire can damage a business in a number of ways. From the initial threat to human life through to loss of stock and equipment, the cost of damage and impact on operations can be incredibly difficult to recover from.

It's vital that businesses ensure that they have the right measures in place to help prevent disasters from occurring, help fight them if the worst should happen and have a plan in place to deal with the potential aftermath.

In this edition of our Business Bulletin we're looking at fire safety and examine three strategies that businesses can follow to help safeguard themselves from the risks of fire; Detecting the dangers, Safeguarding your investment and Controlling the fire. The information provides practical measures for you to consider when conducting a risk assessment of your business. 

Whilst having the right insurance can help you recover from any damage, protecting your employees and business from the threat of fire in the first place is vital. For more information on how NFU Mutual can help safeguard your business, get in touch with your local office