Silver car with right side headlight smashed

Case Study

It could have been so much worse...

A high-pressure workplace culture can endanger your staff, the public and your business reputation, particularly when it comes to driving for work.

In our Motor Safety Business Bulletin Simon Brentnall, Head of Health & Safety, British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF), details a very real case study highlighting the effect being stressed and fatigued can have on employee safety when driving.

Simon had to investigate an incident where an employee driving for work fell asleep at the wheel, colliding with a stationary vehicle on the other side of the road, fortunately no one was seriously injured but it could have easily been so much worse.

The wider context of the incident revealed several months of business uncertainty, increased workload demands and minimised deadlines that resulted in a sleepless night for the employee. The effect of this pressure terminated in a long drive and a potentially devastating road accident, that all involved we lucky to survive unhurt.

A change was needed and this incident sent shockwaves through the company, kickstarting a cultural change that focused on finding a manageable working balance for employees.  

Reducing your company's risks

Simon outlines that giving due consideration to the safety of workplace conditions and the expectations placed upon staff can help improve employee productivity and engagement.

Case studies such as the above demonstrate that failing to protect employees and take occupational health and safety seriously can potentially shatter families, workplaces and communities.