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Tradesman Insurance

Covering you for everything including Public Liability Insurance

Trade businesses can face various risks – from accidental injury to customers, employees and workers or the public, or for damage to their property, tools and the environment.

There may also be other risks specific to your business or sector – risks your local NFU Mutual agency office will help you identify and manage.

With our Tradesman Insurance policy, you can protect yourself, your employees and your business assets. Our policy includes cover suited to a variety of trade businesses - from builders and plumbers, to carpenters and electricians. It's also flexible so you can choose optional cover to meet your business needs now and in the future.

We provide the Tradesman Insurance – you get on with business.

What's included with our Tradesman Insurance quotes?

Whatever your trade and however you do it, we offer the right Tradesman Insurance suited to your circumstances.

  • Property - Cover for buildings, contents and stock at your business premises. You can protect them against damage caused by common risks such as fire, flood, storm or escape of water. You can also protect contents and stock away from your premises.
  • Contractors' All Risks - Covering loss or damage to new building works and the associated materials, plant and equipment used during the course of construction. Your machinery, or machinery you hire in, is covered up to £50,000 per item. It can also include cover for your employees' tools, up to £500.
  • Public Liability - You or your employees may be held responsible for accidental injury to clients, customers or the public, or for damage to their property. The risk is particularly high in the construction sector with building sites presenting numerous health and safety hazards for workers. Our normal cover is £2.5 million but you can choose higher limits. Also, as an employer, you have a legal responsibility to buy Employers' Liability Insurance. If you choose to add this, we provide £10 million as standard but higher limits are available.

Why choose us for Tradesman Insurance?

  • We reward our loyal customers through a Mutual Bonus which provides a saving on the renewal premium of your General Insurance policy.
  • We have a network of over 295 local agency offices across the UK
  • We don't charge admin fees for changes to your policy or payments made by Direct Debit.

NFU Mutual Tradesman Insurance is 5 Star rated by Defaqto



Our Tradesman Insurance provides one of the highest quality offerings on the market

It all depends on the nature of your work. Public Liability Insurance is a must-have covering you for property damage and injury compensation claims. However, if you have people working for you then Employer Liability Insurance is also recommended. You may also want to protect your tools and your transport with specific insurance. Business Interruption Insurance is also a good idea to make sure income is still coming in while you deal with challenges. Our Tradesman Insurance policy means you have protection in all these areas.

It all depends on your circumstances. You want protection for the things that will allow you to run your business successfully and reduce the risks involved in what you do. We'll take a good look at your profession and business and create a quote that is right for you and covers you for everything you need.

Like all tradesmen, gardeners are covered by our policy including additional coverage for tools, employees and transport.

No, any insurance paid within the UK is exempt from insurance.

Find your local NFU Mutual agency office and have a real conversation about the risks specific to your sector, and see why 9 out of 10 business insurance customers choose to stay with us year after year.