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Working from home insurance


We offer a range of common sense insurance covers that are as flexible as the way you work; whether you operate a professional business from home, grow your own produce or make and sell products on a small scale.

Our working from home insurance is only available to policyholders insuring their home contents with us. This cover is available with both our standard home insurance (see Home and Lifestyle Insurance policy detail example) and also with our high value home insurance.

Working from home insurance features

NFU Mutual's working from home insurance offers many features and benefits to help protect you whilst working from home. The following features are just a few examples, if you want more information please view the full policy document:

  • Combined business and domestic cover
    we offer a common sense approach - our cover combines your business and domestic insurance into one policy
  • Equipment loss or damage
    we can cover loss or damage to office equipment, furniture, and other items used in connection with your homeworker business

Limitations and exclusions apply. To learn more about our cover you can view the policy document or contact your local branch.


Working from home tips

The unrelenting march of technology has, over the last few years, seen a considerable rise in the number of people choosing to work from home. But while working from home holds many advantages over traditional employment situations, it requires a certain level of self-discipline to make it successful.

If you’re considering self-employment, or even just working remotely for your employer, these working-from-home tips should help you get off to a good start.