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Smallholder Hero

Smallholder Migration form

Before you fill in the online form or call your local agency to answer these questions, consider your responses to Q1 and Q6.

If your agricultural activity is undertaken on land larger than 25 acres or your income from it is greater than £10,000 per annum, our new smallholder extension may not meet all your needs. A commercial farm policy may be relevant for you, however please contact your local agency to discuss this further.

If you require help answering any of the questions then hover over the relavant question for further information

2. Do you have a garden or land adjoining your home of an acre or more? If you do, what is the acreage? (Do not include your smallholding acreage here)
3a. Do you have any occupied land located away from your home? If you do, what is the acreage? (This could include your smallholding acreage if located away from your home address)
4. Are there any public rights of way or other public access points on your land?


5. Do you have any employees? If you do, do you have an Employer Reference Number (ERN)?


6. Does your smallholding or agricultural activity generate an income? If it does, what is your annual turnover? (This excludes any income from farming subsidies or other business activity you undertake)


7. Do you process food products and/or sell/give these to the public? If you do, what is your annual turnover from these products? (Provide an estimate if your products are given away rather than sold)


8. What is the value of your smallholding’s contents?
9. What is the value of your smallholding’s stock?
11. Are your outbuildings constructed of at least three quarters brick/stone/concrete/steel frame with a tile or metal roof?
12. Are your outbuildings in a reasonable state of repair and not undergoing any alterations?
13. Are the electrical or heating systems in your outbuildings in good condition?
14. Do you require Accidental Damage cover for your outbuildings?


15.Do you have any livestock on the land? (e.g. pigs, sheep, alpacas, cattle, poultry etc.)
16. Do you require Worrying cover for your livestock?

17. Do you own a horse, pony or donkey?
18. If you do have a horse, pony or donkey worth more than £500, do you have separate public liability insurance for the animal(s)?
19. Do you have anyone else’s horses, ponies or donkeys on your land?


20. How many years of continuous insurance have you had for your smallholding?
21. In the past 5 years, have you made a claim or had a claim made against you, in respect of your smallholding? If ‘yes’, what was the claim?


22. Have there been any changes to your home insurance in the last year?

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