Cattle farming family, son, father, mother and two daughters in farming clothes

Succession Planning Service

Successfully keeping the farm in the family

Your family may have worked the farm for generations, day in, day out, with years of hard work - so leaving its future to chance means you risk losing your legacy. We believe the best way to ensure a smooth transition and protect the future of your family farm is through collaborative financial planning – not waiting until there is a crisis or emergency.

A succession plan developed with your whole family will help to safeguard the future of your farm. At NFU Mutual we can support you in the development of a tailored succession plan, helping to put you in charge of the future. Whether it’s navigating complex issues like Inheritance Tax or planning how to pass over responsibility.

We’ve been protecting the farming community for over 100 years and are the UK’s leading rural insurer. We want to help families like yours start talking about the future of their farms so, when the time comes, you know you’ve done all you can to protect it.


We’ve created an expert succession planning guide – designed for farming families to offer practical advice and useful solutions to help protect your farm for generations to come. The guide contains essential tips and expert advice, plus we’ve included real life experiences from our farming customers so you can discover how they’ve tackled the complex issue of succession planning.