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With-Profits Funds

In a With-Profits Fund the money you pay in is added together with the investments of other customers.

This is then invested in a mixture of shares, bonds, property and cash. We currently have around £3.8 billion invested in our With-Profits Funds.

All our With-Profits investments are subject to a 'smoothing' process. In simple terms, some of the investment returns are kept back in the years when the fund does well and used to boost the returns in years when it does poorly.

We aim to grow the value of your investment through the addition of annual bonuses. The level of bonus we pay changes and is not guaranteed. You may also benefit from a 'terminal' bonus when you take your money out of a With-Profits fund.

We aim to pay a smooth level of returns each year. However, it's important to remember that the value of the investment can go down and you may get back less than invested.

We offer a number of With-Profits options, depending on the products you invest in. Each invests in a different mix of assets designed to meet different risk appetites.

NFU Mutual Financial Advisers can guide you through the things you need to consider when investing your money.

How are NFU Mutual's With-Profits funds invested?

NFU Mutual’s With-Profits funds invest in a broad mix of assets both in the UK and abroad. The assets include company shares, property, fixed interest securities and deposits. Below we show how each of our funds was invested as at 01/04/2021.

It is possible that changes have occurred since that date, resulting from market movements, the investment of new money and changes in our general investment strategy.

Take a look at our With-Profits guides for more information.

Risk Level 3 With-Profits Funds

Property 16.0%
UK equities 24.0%
Overseas equities 32.0%
Index linked bonds 0.0%
Fixed interest gilts 2.0%
UK corporate bonds 13.5%
Overseas bonds 7.0%
Cash and other assets 5.5%
 Total: 100%

The mix of security ratings (the second highest if there is more than one rating) for our UK corporate bonds was as follows:

AAA                          4.3%
AA 10.2%
A 27.6%
BBB 52.9%
Sub 5.0%
Total: 100%

Risk Level 2 With-Profits Funds (applies to Select Pension Plan only)

Property 11.0%
UK equities 16.0%
Overseas equities 22.0%
Index linked bonds 0.0%
Fixed interest gilts 3.0%
UK corporate bonds 23.5%
Overseas bonds 12.0%
Cash and other assets 12.5%
 Total: 100%

Capital Access Bond

The asset mix backing the Capital Access Bond at 01/04/2021 was as follows:

Floating Rate Notes* 88.1%
Cash Deposits 11.9%
Total: 100%

*Floating Rate Notes are bonds that have a variable coupon.