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In 2016 rural crime cost the UK £39.2m

Rural Security

Rural crime is changing the face of the countryside

  • More farmers are turning their
    farms into fortresses
  • Countryside criminals
    are becoming more brazen
  • Being watched
    is the biggest worry for rural people
  • NFU Mutual has invested over £1m to tackle rural crime

Livestock theft

New initiatives are helping to combat sheep rustling

  • Livestock theft costs more than £2.2m
  • Incidents are down across the UK
  • But Wales has seen a rise of £100,000
    in the past year
  • New technology and DNA testing is bringing rustlers to justice

Farm Vehicle Crime

Vehicle and machinery theft is still a huge problem

  • Quad and ATV theft alone cost £2m last year
  • Tractors are being cloned and shipped abroad
  • The cost of Land Rover Defender theft is up 17%
  • CESAR marking reduces theft and increase recovery

Across the UK

Where does rural theft cost the most?

  1. Wales1.3m
  2. Scotland1.6m
  3. Northern Ireland2.5m
  4. North East7.3m
  5. East5.6m
  6. South West5.6m
  7. South East5.9m
  8. Midlands6.7m
  9. North West2.8m

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