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Drone Cover

Drone Technology Podcast

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Drones are proving a useful modern tool for farmers, helping to inspect crops and monitor livestock.

Drone Podcast

Of all the new technologies being introduced to modern farmers, drones are proving particularly exciting and efficient. To find out how farmers are getting the most out of drones, hear a first-hand account of drones in action and get a breakdown of legal obligations, listen to our podcast below. 

 Drone podcast transcript [PDF: 1MB]

More than just a toy

No longer just a play thing for aviation enthusiasts, drones are fast becoming a vital tool to help farmers keep an eye on their land and make informed crop management decisions. Small drones are also available at a relatively inexpensive cost when compared to other farm machinery and can allow you to gather and interpret data easily and quickly.

There are a number of ways this information can help, including:

  • Detecting growth patterns and problems areas
  • Identifying parasites and fungi
  • Highlighting irrigation problems
  • Minimising crop loss and maximising yield
  • Enabling you to spot potential threats early
  • Assessing weather and wildlife damage (they can even help scare off unwanted birds!)

Future possibilities for drones

As well as simply providing a birds-eye view for images and data, drones in the future could also take on more practical uses. Drones capable of harvesting and spraying fields are already in progress, with further developments on the horizon.

Find out more

At NFU Mutual we’re always working to understand new farming practises to ensure our cover is as relevant as possible. We can provide drone insurance and if you’d like more information contact your local office.