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Motorcycle Insurance

Protecting you when you're on the open road

Do you have Motorcycle Insurance that gives you peace of mind as you take to the open road on two wheels?

Our Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance makes sure you and your bike are properly looked after whenever you head out for a ride.

Our cover includes features such as Motor Legal Protection and third-party cover for riding other people's motorcycles as standard. There's also the option to include cover of a trailer, up to market value, and European cover – perfect for those longer trips.

With access to a 24-hour free UK claims helpline, you can relax, feel the wind in your hair and enjoy many adventures with your machine.

Why choose us?

  • We reward our loyal customers through a Mutual Bonus which provides a saving on the renewal premium of your General Insurance policy.
  • 295 agency offices offering a personal service.
  • We don't charge admin fees for changes to your policy or payments made by Direct Debit.

Motorbike Insurance that looks after you and your machine

  • Motor Legal Protection - giving you access to legal advice and covering legal costs up to £100,000
  • Third party cover for riding other people’s motorcycles, which includes injury to others or damage to their property
  • If your motorcycle is stolen we'll cover any accessories or spare parts kept on the motorcycle or in a locked garage that are taken*
  • If your motorcycle is stolen or written off, we'll pay the market value or the amount shown on your policy schedule - which ever is less
  • Cover of audio and visual equipment fitted by the manufacturer. Up to £500 for non-standard equipment
  • Option to add European cover - giving you the same level of cover while riding your motorcycle in most European countries.

Third Party, Fire and Theft Motorcycle Insurance, Product Information Document [PDF: 76KB], and Third Party Motorcycle Insurance, Product Information Document [PDF: 73KB], are also available.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

The cost will be different for every person depending on their personal circumstances and the type of bike they ride. The best thing to do is have a chat with our advisers who can tailor the quote to you and your bike and ensure you get a fair price that also provides the coverage you need.

All on-road motorcycles must be insured by law. This not only protects you and your motorbike in case of accidents and breakdowns but can also give you compensation if your bike is stolen or vandalised.

There are a number of elements that we use to produce motorcycle insurance quotes which include age, postcode, the type of bike and the level of cover chosen.

All types of motorbike are covered by our insurance but factors such as age and condition will affect any quotes we give you.

Many motorbike lovers have more than one vehicle in their collection and we can provide you with a multi-bike insurance policy to cover all of them. Just talk to us and we'll create a quote that is comprehensive and fair.

If you love the thrill of a high-performance motorbike then you can still get insurance but, of course, there are higher risks involved in riding these speedy machines which will have an impact on your quote.

When you've chosen to ride a moped instead of motorcycle, we can still provide the same level of coverage you require and a price that is appropriate.

If your bike is over 30 years old then it is regarded as a ‘classic’. Our Motorcycle Insurance will ensure your classic bike is protected when you need to take it for a quick run.

You can but your Motorcycle Insurance will only cover any passenger who is in or on the vehicle with your permission.

The minimum level of Motorcycle Insurance is Third Party which covers you against damage to others but not yourself. The next level is Accidental Damage, Fire and Theft which adds coverage for the cost of damages to your bike. Finally, Comprehensive Insurance for motorcycles will offer you the highest level of protection.