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Agency Giving Fund - Bedford

Support from NFU Mutual Bedford Agency allows Chums to provide children with life-changing services.

Earlier this year, NFU Mutual Agents and their staff at the local Bedford agency nominated local charity CHUMS to receive a donation of more than £6,400 from a national £2million ‘Agency Giving Fund’, launched by NFU Mutual.

Talking about the support provided, Sue Clarke, Head of Fundraising and Communication at CHUMS Charity, said: “Our clients are referred due to them experiencing post traumatic symptoms, following adverse life experiences such as traumatic bereavement, abuse or witnessing or being involved in traumatic incidents.

“Thanks to NFU Mutual’s donation, we were able to offer five children on our waiting list extensive support. This allowed us to complete a comprehensive assessment of development and wellbeing including the troubling symptoms caused by their traumatic experiences, setting goals to work towards in therapy.

“Each child/young person was offered individual trauma-focused therapy, undergoing an average of 11 sessions. Consultation with parent/care-givers was also offered as appropriate, to ensure support strategies were in place at home and school. Each client was discharged with a summary of their progress and recommendations of ongoing support/coping strategies to help them maintain their improved wellbeing going forwards.”

One child and her family were the victims of a terrifying assault while travelling in their car. For months afterwards, the child was experiencing nightmares, panic when travelling in the car and high levels of anxiety near roads. She found walking to school, or being driven anywhere, overwhelmingly stressful which was making life difficult for her and her family.

CHUMS Trauma Service was able to provide advice and guidance to her parents on the impact of trauma on children and how to support her at home. The child attended weekly individual therapy sessions to help her process the event and reduce her anxiety in and around cars. She learnt and applied emotion regulation strategies, processed her traumatic memory and engaged in a recovery plan which enabled her to feel calm when travelling in cars. In her last session, the child reported that she was finding she no longer needed to use coping strategies, she had regained her confidence.

Her father described the significant improvement after her intervention with CHUMS Trauma Service and told the charity: “We would like to thank you for all the help you have given to her. All her fears have gone and she's so much happier. Thank you!”

Sue Clarke, Head of Fundraising and Communication at CHUMS Charity, added: “We are extremely grateful to NFU Mutual for its very kind donation, which has made life so much better for five children and young people in our local community, allowing them to go on to reach their true potential.”

“The five children/young people are now experiencing more positive emotional wellbeing and have been able to recover from the harmful impact of traumatic experiences.”

Graham Lilley, Senior Partner at NFU Mutual Bedford, said: “We are incredibly moved that support from NFU Mutual has been able to make such a difference to the lives of these five children.

“The support offered by CHUMS is vital to their wellbeing, and at a time when fundraising challenges have tested the resilience of many charities, we’re delighted NFU Mutual’s Agency Giving Fund has allowed us to direct support to such a valuable service in our local community.”

NFU Mutual’s £2million Agency Giving Fund forms part of a series of initiatives NFU Mutual has committed for the benefit of customers and communities affected by coronavirus. To find out more, please visit our Coronavirus Information Hub.