Understanding rural communities and helping them prosper

After more than a century insuring them, it’s safe to say we’re part of the farming furniture. But not only do we help protect rural communities, we understand the work that goes into keeping them running. That’s why we champion them, and do our best to support the people who make them tick.

Formed in 1998, The NFU Mutual Charitable Trust plays a big part by supporting charities working in agriculture, rural development and insurance. It funds areas like education, research, social welfare and poverty relief through one-off donations, so important initiatives are able to make a difference in places where it matters. The Charitable Trust has donated more than £3 million in the last 10 years and in 2016, helped 16 different organisations to progress their work. Find out how to access some of this funding.

At a local level, our Community Giving Fund supports initiatives and charitable events within our communities. We’ve provided financial support to mountain rescue teams and hospices, sports clubs to play areas from Northumberland to Gloucestershire, Norfolk to Fife, and in 2016 donated over £11,000 across the UK.

But we feel there’s much more to be done when it comes to farming – above all, it’s about keeping families safe. So, The Farm Safety Foundation, an independent charity that we fund, is our way of helping change the behaviours of young farmers and teaching them about farming hazards.

Since 2014, it’s been preparing the next generation to be responsible, confident and safe on the farm. Through working with young farmers’ clubs, the industry at large and providing training at colleges throughout the UK that highlight risks and aim to change young people’s attitudes to them, the goal is clear – to stop agriculture having the poorest safety record of any occupation in the UK.  

We’re dedicated to helping reduce the number of farm-related accidents each year, and pass our research and findings on to our partners so that others may do the same. And our work with the next generation of agricultural leaders doesn’t stop there. Each year, The NFU Mutual Charitable Trust Centenary Award provides bursaries of up to 75% of course fees for selected postgraduate courses in agriculture for three students.

Winners are chosen not only on academic performance, but their passion for making a difference to agriculture, something that matches our own ambitions. So far, 29 young people have been helped through their studies since its launch in 2010 – we hope to be awarding it for many years to come.