Drone Technology Podcast

Drones are already providing farmers with the ability to inspect crops and monitor livestock.

Drone podcast

To find out how drone technology can change the way you farm, listen to our podcast.

Drone podcast transcript [PDF: 1MB]

A new efficiency has landed

A few years ago, the only people flying drones across fields were hobbyists playing with the latest toy.

Today, drone technology is fast becoming an indispensable tool to help agriculture professionals push efficiency to new heights and make more informed crop management decisions.

Land surveying, crop inspection and livestock monitoring are just the beginning. Using smart mapping software and thermal imaging cameras, you can gather and interpret data in real time.

You can use this intelligence to:

  • spot growth variations and problem areas
  • detect parasites and fungi
  • identify irrigation issues
  • minimize crop loss and maximize yield
  • react early to threats
  • assess weather and wildlife damage

And it's not only in image, video and data capture that drones are breaking new ground. Harvesting and spraying by drones are already in the pipeline.

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