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Horsebox Safety Week: Accidents

Keeping calm under pressure

Every year, fire and rescue services across the UK are called out to around 5,000 incidents where animals have become trapped or injured and those involving horses in trailers or horseboxes can be among the most challenging and dangerous for everyone involved.

As a large animal rescue specialist with Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, I attend many incidents involving horseboxes and trailers where members of the public put their own lives in danger trying to help a trapped on injured horse. Unfortunately, even the horse you know and love, which is calm and quiet under normal circumstances, will be dangerous and unpredictable if trapped in a confined space such as a horsebox or trailer. Broken bones, crush injuries, head injuries and even fatalities have all occurred as a result of owners trying to rescue their own animals.

No-one likes to imagine the worst, but working out how you would deal with an emergency situation can make all the difference.

If an accident occurs which involves a horsebox or trailer in which a horse or horses are being transported, there is a high possibility that the horses in transit will be trapped or injured. Even if the horses are uninjured, it may not be possible to move them out of the horsebox or trailer immediately and knowing how to handle an emergency situation is therefore essential.

Watch my top tips for staying safe and remaining calm in an emergency situation in the video below:

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