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We pride ourselves on high levels of customer service

Here at the Hungerford branch we pride ourselves on high levels of customer service. We judge our performance on what our customers tell us and, as you will see from below, our customer testimonials speak for themselves.

Nick Parry (February 2019)

"Steve (loss adjuster) was honestly a breath of fresh air! Many thanks for your assistance with dealing with the fire restoration and contents claims in such an expeditious and pragmatic manner."

Louis Allen (May 2018)

"I would like to thank you, Nikki, in particular, and all involved, for the prompt and professional way with which you have dealt with the claims."

Paul (January 2017)

"Thank you for agreeing the costs incurred with the leak. Your help and support through what was a very difficult and stressful time was most appreciated. I was also very lucky to have good reliable tradesmen on hand to assist and resolve the problem."

Stephen (November 2016)

"Thank you very much for your very prompt service. It has encouraged me to remain with NFU Mutual despite the fact that I’m frequently approached by a business connection who can offer a pretty significant saving on my insurance costs. Your reputation for no-fuss claims handling is well-founded."

Steve Y (October 2016)

"I would like to thank Nikki for her assistance during this period which although very disruptive, has been made smoother by Nikki's professional attitude and guidance.

I wholeheartedly recommend NFU Mutual for home insurance."

Linda Waller (September 2016)

"My husband recently had what can only be described as a 'traumatic incident' when his fully loaded, electric golf trolley took off on its'own and ran into a lake - quite deep. It was fully submerged.
Everything was recovered from the lake but his phone, sky caddy and golf trolley were useless. While my husband fretted over making a claim and how to get everything replaced or repaired I emailed details to Nikki at the Hungerford branch.
Within 10 minutes almost everything was organised. Our claim was accepted, we forwarded details to a company specialising in replacement or repair. Within 3 days we received a cheque to pay for the trolley repair and within another couple of days a new phone and sky caddy. The phone was second hand when my husband bought it and he declared this - but he was provided with a new one.
It was truly excellent service - what had been a 'traumatic incident' was reduced to something to smile about...
Thank you Nikki and NFU Mutual Hungerford - it is so reassuring to know that you are there looking after us."