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Donwood Glass (June 2019)

We were approached by Helen Bonnick of NFU Mutual’s Morpeth agency in late 2017 with a view to us considering quotations from NFU Mutual for our commercial insurances.

We were attracted to the idea of dealing with a mutual and had heard only good things about NFU Mutual as an insurer. 

Helen met with us on several occasions and brought a specialist commercial underwriter along to assess the risks to our business. Detailed terms and pricing were then presented in a clear to understand and comprehensive report.

As a bonus, there was a new approach to our insurance cover which improved the security of our business immediately. A great outcome!

We made the decision to commit to insuring with NFU Mutual and it is one that we have been delighted with to date. No less attention to detail was furnished when we completed our first renewal this year, complete with the award of our mutual bonus.

A further advantage has been the proactive approach adopted by NFU Mutual in dealing with a couple of difficult issues so far.

We really like the synergy between the agency, ourselves and NFU Mutual’s status as a mutual. It is a relationship which brings real benefits to SMEs like ourselves.

Peter Campbell (June 2019)

I have insured my High Value Home Insurance through NFU Mutual for several years. The cover I receive is wide ranging and comprehensive. I always receive a prompt personal service which gives me peace of mind that I am being looked after and the things that matter are protected against life’s risks. In particular, I have been most impressed with the excellent service I have received from my local NFU Mutual Agent, office, goodness knows how they do this given how busy they must be, but it fills me with confidence and makes me feel like a valued customer not just a number. Not only that, NFU Mutual honour their commitment to their clients and in my experience have always been fair in their assessments and pay-outs. I would recommend these insurers to anyone.

Snowshock (June 2019)

Thank you Morpeth agency for processing and settling my theft claim following a break in at my premises.

I had increased my stock to a much higher level as shipments were costly. I am now bulk ordering less often during the year but I forgot to advise NFU Mutual of this. When this additional stock came in it was a very busy time for us as we need to consider stock levels early in the year for the busiest summer months. Our stock is very seasonal and weather sensitive.

The Morpeth agency suggested we amended the insurance renewal review date to a time when we are more aware of what the stock levels need to be for the upcoming summer season. In addition they met the claim in full taking the relevant additional premium into account.

NFU Mutual claim to pay out on 98% of claims and that they look at how to pay a claim rather than not pay one. I have experienced this first hand and have been loyal to NFU Mutual for many years now since I set up the business.

It is good to deal with a local office rather than a call centre and I would always recommend these insurers to anyone.