7 signs you should speak to a financial adviser

After the Budget, are you looking for clear financial advice?

If you find yourself saying yes to any of the following scenarios, then getting clear financial advice from one of NFU Mutual's Financial Advisers could benefit you and your family.

1. You're fed up with low interest rates and want your money to work harder

With 11 years of low interest rates, it can feel frustrating having savings accounts that are not earning as much as you’d like. With the uncertainty of when interest rates may rise, there are a range of other options for investing your money. Our financial advisers can help you assess which is right for you.

2. You’re about to receive a windfall

Managing your day-to-day finances is usually straightforward for most of us, but how can you make the most of a large windfall, whether it’s a bonus or inherited? It is always worth formulating a plan which addresses any tax obligations while ensuring you enjoy as many of the benefits of that windfall as possible.

3. You're not sure you'll have enough income in retirement

In uncertain times, it is important to be clear about whether your pension savings will be sufficient when you slow down or stop working. 

You may want to review your existing pension and add to it with further investments - or even start a new one. It’s never too late to discuss your retirement plans.

4. You’ve got a regular monthly amount to invest

Not sure how to go about starting an investment or what to research? Our expert financial advisers can help find the right option for you.

5. You want to leave a legacy to your family

If you’re thinking about the next generation, we can help you identify ways to ensure your family benefits from any wealth you want to pass on in the most tax-efficient way to support them in these uncertain times.

6. You’re considering starting or expanding your business

As a savvy entrepreneur it’s exciting to start or grow your own business, but getting the right information and advice before you make the leap makes sense. We can advise you on business protection insurance and pension planning.

7. Others rely on you

No matter how well we plan, life has a habit of catching us unaware. How would your family cope if you were seriously ill or if you died? Would their future be secure if you were unable to work because of accident or illness?

Following a divorce, it can be difficult to separate a lifetime of combined finances - our financial advisers can discuss your protection and pension needs. 

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