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High value home insurance


For robust home and contents protection, it's essential to get the right cover in place at the start. Our expert advisers will take the time to thoroughly understand your needs before recommending the best cover for you. We work closely with you to tailor your home and contents cover to your unique needs, so that your home and possessions are appropriately protected against the unexpected.

NFU Mutual Bespoke is designed for those with higher value homes and contents over £100,000, which may include fine art. Our comprehensive protection covers buildings of a range of ages, sizes and styles, including listed buildings. You can also protect additional UK based properties if you own more than one property. You can choose the elements that are important to you from our extensive range of features and benefits. Our standard compulsory excess is just £250 for any claim and you will not be charged for this excess if  your claim exceeds £10,000.

You can be confident that if you need to use your insurance, we’ll support you and your family with our no-quibble claims philosophy and our network of experts. We’ll help you get back to normal life as quickly and smoothly as possible.

What’s more, when reviewing your individual circumstances, your NFU Mutual adviser may suggest an independent valuation of your home and its contents to give you peace of mind that you are aware of the true value of your possessions and adequately insured. NFU Mutual offer access to a panel of expert valuers who can, for a fee, provide this service.

Our approach

We believe in the importance of personal service and can help take the strain off choosing the right products. With branches throughout the UK, our experienced agents and staff are on hand to meet you and discuss your needs ensuring you have the right cover in place, that's why we'll never quote online.

Our reviews

"I have found them very helpful when having to make a claim. They do not quibble."

Moneywise Customer Service Awards, 2016

Key features

Home emergency

We will pay you up to £1,500 per claim including labour costs, parts and materials. This covers you for a number of emergency situations such as a break down of a boiler or you have a vermin infestation problem at home.

Worldwide contents cover

Your possessions will be covered if you take them overseas or to another property in the UK other than your main residence. And then, when you renew your policy, we will review your cover with you.

Protection from underinsurance

If you find your buildings are underinsured, we’ll pay the full cost of rebuilding or repairing any damage. As long as at the start of your policy or subsequent renewal you’ve had a professional, independent, rebuilding cost valuation which is no more than three years old, and the amount we insured your buildings for at the time is at least the recommended value.

For listed buildings, we’ll pay up to 125% of the insured rebuilding cost you’re insured for.

Fine art and collections cover

If you’ve invested in a collection such as antiques, paintings, wine or porcelain, you’ll want to make sure it’s protected with our fine art and collections cover. This includes the cost of restoration or reimburse you for any loss – up to the value you agree with us.

Family possessions

We can also cover family living at another address, for example children studying away from home. And we’ll cover all possessions (except for money) for parents, step-parents and grandparents who need to go into residential care for up to £10,000. Your cover can even protect the possessions of visitors to your property.

Going green

In the event of a total loss you may want to include green building materials that weren’t originally part of the building – we’ll pay up to £50,000 towards this. We’ll also pay 10% of your claim for damage of buildings (up to £5,000) if you want to upgrade your property with solar, wind or geothermal energy-generating systems.

Garden cover

You have up to £50,000 cover for the contents of your garden. All trees, plants, shrubs and lawns are also covered for up to a total of £50,000, or 10% of the total buildings insured rebuilding cost, whichever is the higher figure.

Multiple properties

If you have more than one property that you want to protect, NFU Mutual Bespoke also accommodate additional UK based properties as well as your main residence.

Alternative accommodation (unlimited cover)

If you can’t live in your home because of an event you have covered with us, we’ll pay reasonable rent and accommodation costs for a similar property.

Domestic employees

If you have domestic employees and want to ensure you are appropriately covered, NFU Mutual Bespoke provides up to £100,000 cover for employment contract disputes with domestic employees. In addition, the policy provides up to £10 million for employers’ liability including legal fees, costs and expenses.

Trace and Access (unlimited cover)

Quickly finding the source of an oil or water leak is vital to limit the damage to your property and its contents. We cover costs for tracing the source of a leak and make good any damage caused by the search.

Pet damage cover

If your pets have damaged your buildings or contents at home, we will pay you up to £5,000 in any period of cover.

Other benefits and services

Specialist cover

As well as advising on your home insurance, we can also arrange protection for items that may not be covered by NFU Mutual Bespoke such as overseas holiday homes and large boats. In doing  this, we apply the same meticulous attention to detail as we do to protecting your home.

Valuations services

Whether it’s the house you own or its contents, making sure you are aware of the true value will mean that you can rest assured that you are insured for the right amount. When reviewing your individual circumstances, NFU Mutual’s advisers may suggest a valuation to give you peace of mind that you are adequately insured.

At NFU Mutual, we offer access to a hand-picked panel of experienced and expert companies who can, for a fee, provide valuations for both buildings and contents.