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Mutuality. Better for you. Better for everyone.

In 1910, seven farmers from the Midlands launched a scheme to entice new members to the Farmers' Union, by offering insurance at a cost price.

Soon, NFU Mutual became an integral part of the British countryside, instrumental in promoting the community's collective prosperity.

At the end of the last century, we began insuring individuals and businesses outside the farming industry.  This expansion has seen our growth accelerate and now makes us one of the country's leading insurers.

Our values now underpin our product range, from investments and pensions, to life assurance and risk management, which is provided by NFU Mutual Risk Management Services Limited.

With over 300 local branches nationwide, we're big on local presence.

NFU Mutual is a national insurer with over 900,000 customers, but it's how we interact with you that sets us apart.

We understand the importance of personal service, which is why we have  network of local agents, who are familiar with your business and can give you the care and attention you need, quickly and efficiently.