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How do NFU Mutual Invest?


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How do we identify a good investment?

We have a simple yet effective process to help us identify quality investments.  Our four stage approach helps us achieve a consistent philosophy across all the funds we manage.

1 - Research thoroughly

We do our own in-depth research into potential investment opportunities. We want to make sure they’re financially sound, and have a stable business with some predictability of future revenues and profits. Where appropriate we also commission bespoke research from specialist external companies.

2 - Identify and develop long-term strategies

When we’re looking for potential investments, we take a long-term view and give our Fund Managers the scope to use their expertise. We aim to avoid short-term distractions and don’t blindly follow the crowd or latest market fads or themes.

3 - Give strategies a chance to work

Once we have decided on an investment, we will normally stick with it. Apart from giving it the chance to work, keeping transactions to a minimum helps reduce costs. That doesn’t mean we are slavish or dogmatic about an investment that is clearly wrong; if the argument in favour of holding a stock has changed, we have no hesitation in selling it and moving on if we think it’s the right thing to do.

4 - Prudence

As you’d expect from us, we are careful with our clients’ money, so we aim to build portfolios that don’t take excessive levels of risk. Our internal policies and controls are designed to ensure that investment risk is maintained at the appropriate levels for each fund.

What this means

Our approach means we buy Government stocks and investment grade corporate bonds in most circumstances. However, we may invest in high yield 'junk' bonds that bring a higher risk, when fund managers think this appropriate.

We mainly invest in large ‘blue-chip’ multinational companies. We are very selective about smaller, newer, companies. They may offer attractive growth potential but can also represent a higher risk.

Our property investments tend to be in prime real estate rather than second tier properties, which are likely to be more sensitive to market movements.

NFU Mutual Investment Team

The team manage funds exclusively on behalf of
NFU Mutual clients. Their expertise is only accessible through
NFU Mutual investments.

Take the time to talk to us

Our Financial Advisers are able to help you better understand the complexities of risk and advise you on investments compatible with your attitude to risk.*


* Please note

When you contact us we'll explain the advice services we offer and the charges. NFU Mutual Financial Advisers advise on NFU Mutual products and selected products from specialist providers.

For security and training purposes calls may be recorded and monitored.