Helping to protect the environment

Working to safeguard the planet for future generations

We are committed to making a positive impact for our members, our communities and for the environment. Preparing for what the world might be like in the future is something we’re serious about.

We’re taking important steps to reduce our impact wherever we can – both on our own and in collaboration with our supply chain partners. Wherever possible, we’re also helping our neighbours and communities along the way.

Our net zero roadmap

Tackling climate change is a shared global responsibility and we all have a part to play.  As a UK based insurer with rural communities at our heart, we are responding to the insurance needs of our members and actively reducing our own environmental impact to help drive the transition to a low carbon economy.

Acknowledging the need for action on climate change, we have developed a strategy that takes into account science-based guidance and methodologies, to set credible targets.

We now have a net zero roadmap in place, which sets out our long-term plan to achieve net zero operations by 2050. Our roadmap to net zero emissions gives us a clear mission, underlines our commitment to our climate change strategy, and will help us drive improvements where we need to.

Our ambitions are currently focussed on emissions from our own operations and those arising from investment portfolios. Targets include a 25% reduction in our business’s own emissions by 2025 and a 50% reduction by 2030. To support this, we are aiming to maintain 100% renewable electricity purchase for occupied premises.  For our investments, we have set a target to deliver 50% emissions reduction in our equity and corporate bond portfolio by 2030.

To help set us on our path to net zero, we are already undertaking a series of initiatives across our business which will help reduce our carbon emissions,  including energy efficiency initiatives, improvements to the sustainability of our motor claims experience, investment in green solutions and support for our customers’ renewable energy ventures.

To find out more about our other activities to support our members, our communities, our people and the environment, download our Responsible Business Report, or visit our Responsible Business page. 

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