Helping to protect the environment

Working to safeguard the planet for future generations

Preparing for what the world might be like in the future is something we’re serious about. We’re taking important steps to reduce our impact wherever we can – both on our own and in collaboration with our supply chain partners. Wherever possible, we’re also helping our neighbours and communities along the way.

Recycling to save lives

Much of the furniture we replace in an insurance claim used to go to landfill. Our unique partnership with the British Heart Foundation means some of it now gets donated to BHF shops. It’s kinder to the environment, and we’re supporting life-saving heart research at the same time.

Reducing energy Consumption

We want to help our members reduce their energy consumption. When we replace selected white goods as part of an insurance claim, we will offer up to an additional £250 per item (a maximum of £500 per claim) to upgrade the member to a more energy efficient same-brand appliance, when using our preferred supplier.

To reduce our own consumption, we’re also switching to LED lighting in all of our properties and offices across the UK.

Getting more from waste

Whether it’s old IT equipment or food waste, we’re committed to making the most of what we don’t need. Food waste is sent for anaerobic digestion, converted to energy, and the leftover product used as biofertiliser by local farmers. After having all information securely erased, old computer equipment is loaded with educational resources and sent to Africa so children can access a better quality education.

Enabling sustainable living

We also make a difference by helping others bring about change. For instance, by developing the insurance solutions to meet their needs, we’ve made it easier for our members to embrace sustainable living by installing renewable energy products such as biomass boilers and wind turbines.