NFU Mutual

helping to protect

Helping to protect the environment

Working to safeguard the planet for future generations

Preparing for what the world might be like in the future is something we’re serious about. We’re taking important steps to reduce our impact wherever we can – both on our own and in collaboration with our supply chain partners. Wherever possible, we’re also helping our neighbours and communities along the way.

Diverting waste from landfill

When it comes to environmental responsibilities, we try to lead by example. For instance, we introduced reusable cups at our head office to reduce the use of single-use plastic ones. We also work hard to ensure none of the waste from our head office goes to landfill. Furniture and other office equipment we no longer need is either donated or broken down and recycled, food waste from our café is sent for anaerobic digestion, and any waste that can’t be recycled is disposed of responsibly and converted into energy.

Improving energy efficiency

After a two-year refurbishment we’ve greatly reduced energy consumption at our head office, achieving an A-rating for efficiency. We’ve improved insulation, redesigned the heating and ventilation system, installed water saving devices and switched over to LED lighting. Over 70% of the waste generated was recycled, and building materials were either refurbished, re-used or recycled.

Reducing claims waste

Historically, furniture we replaced in an insurance claim would often go to landfill. However through partnerships with organisations such as the British Heart Foundation, some of it now gets donated to BHF shops and given a new life. Likewise, every year we recycle tonnes of steel, copper and plastic from vehicles that have been written-off.