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Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files that are placed on your computer or device by a website.

Cookies recall if you have previously visited the NFU Mutual website, what pages you viewed and if you have saved information within the website, such as your local NFU Mutual branch.

Websites can then use this data to tailor the information you receive whilst browsing, in relation to your previous visits and activity. The aim is to provide you with content that is of interest, and make your experience on the website as relevant and interactive as possible.

Cookies do not identify you personally. Any personal information that you provide within the NFU Mutual website is securely stored and is used in accordance with our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

How are cookies used by NFU Mutual?

NFU Mutual uses cookies in a number of ways, the main purpose being to provide you with optimised content and allow you get the best experience whilst browsing. We do not use cookies to acquire personal information about you or others.

Outlined below are the specific ways in which NFU Mutual utilises cookies.

Sharing and Social

AddThis (bt / dt / ssc / uid / uvc)

These cookies enable you to share articles you may like publically through your chosen social networking platform. AddThis then records non-personally identifying information when you share or like a particular piece of information and provides a report to help NFU Mutual and social media sites better understand online preferences,

For further information on how AddThis use cookies, please visit their website.

Analytics and targeting

Google Analytics (utmb / utmc / utma / utmz / utmv / utmx)

NFU Mutual uses Google Analytics to help understand how you use the website. Through the use of non-personally identifying information, Google Analytics records information such as pages visited, time spent on a page, and if you have been to the website before.

NFU Mutual can use this data to help us improve the website. For example if a particular page is receiving a higher number of visits than others for longer periods of time, we then know that visitors are finding this type of content useful. We can then place this information in a prominent position on the website, making it easier for you to find and, where possible, create further content on the particular area.

For further information on how Google analytics use cookies, please visit their website.


Our web site may also use the SessionCam web site recording service. SessionCam is a product that has been developed by ServiceTick Ltd. SessionCam may record mouse clicks, mouse movements, page scrolling and any text keyed into website forms. The information collected does not include bank details or any sensitive personal data. Data collected by SessionCam from the ServiceTick website is for internal use only. The information collected is used to improve our website usability and is stored and used for aggregated and statistical reporting. For more information see SessionCam: Privacy policy - What information do we collect for our clients?

Email marketing

By agreeing to receive email marketing communications from NFU Mutual you are consenting to the use of cookies. Cookies are used to track the opening of emails and help NFU Mutual to correctly target campaigns.


Adobe - (mbox / s_vi)

Within the NFU Mutual website there are number of Adobe Flash tools which require cookies to enable functionality. Features such as the Contents Calculator and the Under Insurance Predictor work using Adobe Flash, and cookies enable and enhance the visitor experience and allow you to return to saved data at a later time.

For further information on how Adobe use cookies, please visit their website.

Website admin tools - ( A / A3 / Activiyinfo / agent-id)

This website is supported by an admin system behind the scenes, which enables NFU Mutual to make regular and responsive updates, enhancing the visitor experience. This admin tool uses cookies to measure visitor activity.

How third parties use cookies?

Third party cookies are the same as first party cookies in function, however the difference is that in some instances you may be on Website A, but the cookie that is stored on your browser has not been placed there by that particular website, but instead is from another website – Website B.

NFU Mutual uses third party cookies to measure the response to online advertising activity.

If you would prefer not to allow NFU Mutual or third parties to place cookies on your device, then find out how to control your cookie settings.