NFU Mutual Agent with elderly couple who are customers

Looking after our members

Giving people more from their insurer

As a mutual, the interests of our members matter to us. It’s a commitment that goes far beyond developing the insurance and financial products designed for their needs – which of course we’re proud of too. We also work hard to develop and support various schemes and initiatives that reflect our members’ values, protect their livelihoods, and keep them and their families safe.

Fighting rural crime

For anyone who makes their living in the countryside, rural crime causes deep anxiety. We work with local police forces and national organisations to reduce crime in rural areas. Since 2010 we’ve committed more than £1m to the cause, and the data from our 300 offices has helped identify crime trends across the UK. Because of this expertise we're now helping to shape the future of rural policing on a national scale.

Keeping good company

Who we choose to do business with says a lot about who we are and how seriously we uphold our members' values. For instance, our stationery supplier, WildHearts, reinvests its profits to provide education and business loans to help people around the world work their way out of poverty. When replacing diamond jewellery in insurance claims, the suppliers we use only deal in Fairtrade, conflict-free stones.

Educating young drivers

Younger drivers are 58% more likely to be involved in an accident on rural roads than in urban areas. Our Young Driver Scheme provides 17-21 year olds from farming households with the advanced driving skills and increased awareness they need to stay safe.

Supporting British Farmers

We’ve been working closely with the UK’s farming unions for more than 100 years. The National Farmers Unions are proud champions of farmers and the farming way of life, and we’re proud to support them. In 2017 we donated £7.4m to help them achieve their goals.