young drivers scheme

Looking after our members

Giving people more from their insurer

As a mutual, the interests of our members matter to us. It’s a commitment that goes far beyond developing the insurance and financial products designed for their needs – which of course we’re proud of too. We also work hard to develop and support various schemes and initiatives that reflect our members’ values, protect their livelihoods, and keep them and their families safe.

In partnership to prevent rural crime

Rural crime causes deep anxiety for anyone who lives or works in the countryside. Since 2010 we’ve been working in partnership with rural organisations and police forces all around the UK. We share our claims statistics and expertise to support operations, train officers and shape rural police strategy, so that detection and crime prevention is far more effective.

Keeping good company

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure they share our values, something we know is important to our members. For instance, when we replace diamond jewellery in an insurance claim, it only comes from suppliers who sign up to the Kimberly Process, an international commitment to remove conflict diamonds from the market. Even our stationery supplier, Wild Hearts, reinvests profits to provide education and business loans to help people around the world work their way out of poverty.


Educating young drivers

Keeping young drivers safe is a priority for us. Delivered in partnership with Drive Doctors, our Young drivers Scheme works to change driver attitudes to rural driving. Over the past 7 years 3,000 young people have taken the advanced training course. Originally only for drivers from farming households, we’ve now opened up the scheme to our non-farming customers. 

Promoting resilience to flooding

Being flooded can be devastating. To help protect our members from the consequences of it happening again, we signed up to Flood Re. We go the extra mile for individual members to repair their flood-damaged homes without the customer having to fund all the extra cost themselves. This means we pay up to £5,000 towards putting flood resilience measures in place if the repair or replacement costs excluding these measures is over £10,000.