Helping others with our rehabilitation programme

Helping others with our award-winning rehabilitation programme

Our rehabilitation programme which offers support to injured claimants, has proven particularly important through the pandemic as healthcare services tackle challenges and disruption.

If one of our customers is found to be legally responsible for an accident where someone has been injured, we have an award-winning rehabilitation programme to help support the injured party who has been affected. The scheme aims to provide the best possible outcome for the person’s recovery by working with leading specialists in the healthcare sector.

Although the healthcare system has been badly affected by the pandemic, we continue to work alongside our suppliers to ensure we are providing injured claimants with the best possible service.

Rehabilitation is an integral part of our personal injury claims approach and we continue to support an increasing number of injured claimants.

Michael’s story

In 2019, Michael was involved in an accident at his place of work and suffered a spinal cord injury. He was discharged from hospital earlier than expected in March 2020, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We worked closely with Michael and his family to support his treatment and aid his recovery. The team worked alongside the Occupational Therapist and Michael’s wife to ensure Michael’s house was adequately adapted, working around the clock to obtain aids and equipment. In addition, we funded a variety of support measures which included access to specialist rehabilitation centres, where Michael was able to trial the latest assistive technology. Michael’s determination, along with the support of our rehabilitation programme, has assisted him in rebuilding his life and independence.

Michael commented: "I absolutely love farming, love the countryside and NFU Mutual realised that; they’ve been a great help. The team have helped provide a power add-on for my wheelchair to get me around the yard and loads of different adaptations for working on the farm, in addition to funding gym equipment for my home to help with my rehabilitation."

To find out more about Michael’s story, please watch our short film below.