Championing rural communities

Our roots are in the British countryside

In 1910 we set out as a farming insurer. We’ve come a long way since then, but farming and rural communities are still very close to our heart. We understand the challenges those living in the countryside face and do our very best to tackle them. We support initiatives that are able to make a difference in places where it matters.

Farming families are at the centre of our work, but with local Agents in more than 300 towns and villages up and down the country, we’re always on hand to help the people who live there.

Our pledge to support UK charities with £3.25m during 2022

In response to the ongoing challenges faced by communities across the country, we are proud to be pledging £3.25m of funding for local and national charities during 2022. We’re giving this support to help tackle the ongoing effects of the pandemic and assist with recovery.

We will be donating £1.92m to local front-line charities through our Agency Giving Fund. First launched in 2020 in response to the pandemic, the fund was delivered again in 2021. We’re keeping this annual fund going into 2022 to further help local charities and communities across the UK to rebuild. To ensure these donations reach all corners of the UK and are directed where they are needed most, NFU Mutual agency and branch offices, with 300 locations nationwide, will once again be invited to nominate local charities to receive a share of the fund.

To support national and regional charities, we are pledging £1m to the NFU Mutual Charitable Trust. The Trust is an independent charity we set up in 1998 to support other charities and organisations working in the interests of agriculture, rural communities and the countryside. Since it was founded, the Trust has distributed donations totalling £6M and made a positive difference to education, research, social welfare and poverty relief.  £2M of that funding was pledged to support charities and communities during the COVID-19 pandemic over the last two years following enhanced donations from NFU Mutual.  The £1m donation in 2022 will help to ensure the Trust can continue this level of support in light of the ongoing impact of Covid-19.

Alongside this, we have also committed £30,000 to a new Community Champions scheme, to support causes close to the heart of our people, by donating to staff fundraising events and initiatives. The £3.25m funding is completed with a £300,000 donation to the Farm Safety Foundation, an independent registered charity founded and funded by NFU Mutual. This support will enable the Foundation to carry on working closely with partners and stakeholders nationally and internationally to help raise awareness of, and address the attitudes and behaviours around, risk-taking and poor mental health in the agricultural sector. 

Commenting on the charitable support measures announced for 2022, Nick Turner, Group Chief Executive of NFU Mutual, said: “NFU Mutual is committed to making a positive impact through its charitable giving programme. Helping our members in times of need and supporting communities has always been at the very heart of our approach. We increased our charitable giving during 2020 and 2021 to assist frontline charities during the pandemic, and we recognise the importance of extending our heightened support into next year to help tackle the ongoing challenges of the crisis and to aid recovery.

"Our charitable giving programme in 2022 will aim to champion the causes that are working day and night to change people’s lives and give hope for a better future.”

Making farming safer

Agriculture has the poorest safety record of any occupation in the UK. We’re ideally placed to do something about it. In 2014 we set up the Farm Safety Foundation to tackle farming’s risk-taking culture by engaging the next generation of farmers. Since then they have delivered award-winning safety training to thousands of young farmers at land-based colleges and universities throughout the UK and through the Young Farmers’ Clubs network.

Standing by farming families

The industry is changing and family farming is under threat. We have been working closely with The Prince’s Farm Resilience Programme since 2016, to help smaller farms improve efficiency and discover new, more sustainable ways of working.

To find out more about our other activities to support our members, our communities, our people and the environment, download our Responsible Business Report, or visit our Responsible Business page.