Championing rural communities

Our roots are in the British countryside

In 1910 we set out as a farming insurer. We’ve come a long way since then, but farming and rural communities are still very close to our heart. We understand the challenges those living in the countryside face and do our very best to tackle them. We support initiatives that are able to make a difference in places where it matters.

Farming families are at the centre of our work, but with local Agents in more than 300 towns and villages up and down the country, we’re always on hand to help the people who live there.

Making farming safer

Farming is still one of the UK’s most hazardous industries. A single accident can affect a farming family forever. Our Farm Safety Foundation was set up to change the mindset of new farmers by delivering safety education at agricultural colleges across the country.

Supporting local causes

Our staff and Agents all have local causes they care about. Our Community Giving Fund allows us to make lots of little differences to causes that don’t usually make the headlines. In 2017 we donated more than £16,000 to local charities and community groups, from sea cadets to mountain rescue teams.

Standing by farming families

The future of family farming is under threat. We’re working closely with The Prince’s Countryside Fund to support The Prince’s Farm Resilience Programme - an initiative to help farmers discover new, more sustainable ways of working.

Funding future farmers

Today’s farming students are tomorrow’s agricultural leaders. Through our Agricultural Undergraduate Award, and the Centenary Award presented by The NFU Mutual Charitable Trust, we offer bursaries and financial support to promising students who may one day shape our industry.