Recent Initiatives

Supporting community projects and services

The Trust provides charities with grants to support the running costs of various projects and services.

In the last eleven years, the NFU Mutual Charitable Trust has donated more than £4m to fund education and social welfare projects in towns and villages across the UK. As part of our commitment to supporting people in need throughout the pandemic, we pledged an additional £750,000 to charities in 2020 and we are matching that donation in 2021 – enabling another £1 million to donations to help organisations to continue to reach vulnerable and isolated people across the UK.

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Supporting vital services during Coronavirus 

In 2020, the NFU Mutual Charitable Trust made donations totalling £1,092,500 – the highest annual amount provided by the Trust since it was formed in 1998 - across several national organisations that reach out to the isolated and vulnerable across the UK. This included £750,000 of donations made in response to the pandemic.

For 2021, NFU Mutual will match the additional funding of £750,000, again enabling the Charitable Trust to make donations of up to £1m to support more national organisations, reaching the isolated and vulnerable, those experiencing mental health issues, and families facing financial challenges, some of those due to Coronavirus.

The funding will support a wealth of initiatives, such as efforts to tackle mental health concerns and food poverty. The NFU Mutual Charitable Trust will be donating £150k to FareShare, the UK’s biggest charity fighting hunger and food waste. The funding will provide 600,000 meals to people in need around the UK. The Charitable Trust are also donating £100k to Samaritans, to help them be there for anyone who is struggling to cope, including those in rural communities.

Introducing a different way of life

Many children from urban areas have never visited the countryside. Farms for City Children gives these young people the opportunity to live and work on a real farm for a week. Last year we helped the charity welcome around 3,000 pupils from across the UK to a world they’d never experienced before.

Helping rural families out of hardship

Farming can be an unpredictable profession that often doesn’t allow those inside it to financially prepare for later life. Farming Help is the umbrella organisation for four charities that help farming families avoid, or deal with, financial need. The charities provide support in a number of ways, from pastoral care and business advice to short and long-term grants, affordable housing, and even training to help develop skills that can bring in an income that doesn’t rely on the farm. Last year the charities collaborated to help more than 3,000 families across the UK.