Charitable Trust: Recent Initiatives

Supporting community projects and services

The Trust provides charities with grants to support the running costs of various projects and services.

The NFU Mutual Charitable Trust is an independent charity NFU Mutual set up in 1998 to support other charities and organisations working in the interests of agriculture, rural communities and the countryside, and it’s one of the main ways NFU Mutual support good causes who operate nationally. Since it was first set up, the Trust has distributed donations totalling more than £8.6M and made a positive difference to education, research, social welfare and poverty relief.

Supporting vital services in 2023

The NFU Mutual Charitable Trust has announced its donations for 2023 amount to more than £1m. The funding will help to deliver a range of initiatives for 25 good causes, including rural poverty relief, helping small farming businesses to thrive, educating and mentoring young people, and supporting the UK’s air ambulance network.

The organisations benefitting from the donations during 2023 are:

  • Access to Farms 
  • Addington Fund
  • Air Ambulances UK
  • FareShare  
  • The Farming Community Network  
  • Farms for City Children
  • Farmstrong Scotland
  • Gareth Raw Rees Memorial Trust
  • Henry Plumb Foundation
  • LEAF
  • National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs
  • NFU Education
  • Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust
  • Open Farm Weekend Northern Ireland
  • Oxford Farming Conference
  • RABI          
  • Rural Support
  • Samaritans      
  • Tir Dewi
  • The Royal Countryside Fund
  • Royal Highland Education Trust
  • The Smallpeice Trust
  • Wales Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs
  • Young Farmers' Clubs of Ulster

Examples of the Trust’s work

Support for the UK Sepsis Trust

In 2023, NFU Mutual has launched an awareness campaign in partnership with The UK Sepsis Trust, following a £70,000 donation made by the NFU Mutual Charitable Trust in 2022. The campaign supports the charity’s vital work and is sharing key information about sepsis symptoms with the farming community.

Find out more about the Trust’s support for the UK Sepsis Trust

Support for Samaritans

Samaritans was one of the organisations to receive donations from the Charitable Trust in 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 receiving a total donation of £265,000. This has supported Samaritans’ response to the impact of the pandemic, including reaching those most at risk and those in rural communities.

Find out more about the Trust's support for Samaritans

Support for FareShare

During 2021, 2022 and 2023, The NFU Mutual Charitable Trust donated a total of £300,000 to FareShare, the UK’s biggest charity tackling food waste to support social good.

Find out more about the Trust’s support for FareShare.