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NFU Mutual Rural Crime Survey 2013

As the UK’s leading rural insurer NFU Mutual understands the needs of those who live and work in the countryside and has established an annual survey of claims experiences within branch offices throughout the UK.

The latest findings were combined with a detailed analysis of countryside claims data during 2012 to provide members with a unique insight into developing trends, patterns of crime and best practice examples of crime prevention techniques within the UK’s rural communities.

Headline findings

  • Rural theft cost an estimated £42.3m in the UK during 2012 – down 19.7%1
  • Tractor theft fell 32% year-on-year and quad bike theft was down 17%2
  • There was a slight rise in livestock theft (+3%)2
  • Regionally the largest falls were seen in the Midlands (-32%) and South West (-26%), while the cost of crime in Scotland rose 12%
  • Yorkshire (£3.4m), Essex (£1.9m), Lincolnshire and Kent (£1.8m) are the counties which saw the most rural crime1
  • Tools, quad bikes and fuel are the most commonly targeted items according to the nation-wide survey3
  • Community watch schemes (60%) and social media such as Twitter (47%) are the most widely used methods for communicating crime alerts and information within communities surveyed3

Most commonly targeted items

Based on claims experience over the previous 12 months, NFU Mutual agencies were asked to rank the items which were most commonly targeted by thieves in their area. Results were totalled across the whole country to reveal a UK-wide top ten.

Item 2013 ranking 2012 ranking Change
Tools  1 1
ATV/quad bikes 2 3 ↑ 1
Oil/diesel 3 2 ↓ 1
Machinery 4 5 ↑ 1
Garden equipment 5 - New Entry
Livestock 6  8 ↑ 2
Vehicles 7  7
Metal 8 4 ↓ 4
Tractors 9 6 ↓ 3
Trailers 10  10


1.  Estimates for the Overall cost of rural crime based on NFU Mutual claims experience as insurer of C70% of rural market. Comparisons against 2011 figures. (overall cost of rural crime in 2011 estimated at £52.7m).

2. Based on overall cost of NFU Mutual claims 2012 vs 2011

3. Based on survey of 220 NFU Mutual agencies conducted in July 2013.