Estates Insurance

Comprehensive cover for your part of the countryside.

We believe that every estate is different and recognise that a one size fits all approach doesn't work. Our Estates Select Insurance policy offers tailored insurance cover to protect you whatever the activities on your estate.

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Insurance overview

Owner, resident, Estate Manager or Land Agent, there’s a lot to think about when running an estate.

Whether your estate houses a collection of fine art, opens its doors to the public or has a working farm with rental properties, it faces risks. These risks range from damage as a result of extreme weather events, loss of income due to having to close your business to remedy this damage, and liability for injury to the public or employees. We can help you identify and manage these challenges.

What we can cover you for:

  • Property - loss or damage to your property caused by the events you’ve chosen to insure against.
  • Business Interruption - loss of income or gross profit due to damage to property you use at your premises with a 33% increase in your sum insured to support business growth.
  • Public and Product Liability - protection for your estate if you or your employees are held responsible for accidental injury to clients, customers or the public, or for damage to their property. You are also covered for injuries or property damage caused by your products. Our normal cover is £10 million but you can choose higher limits.
  • Employers' Liability - legal liability for damages and costs arising from an illness or injury to your employees as a result of their work, up to £10 million as standard.
  • Environmental Liability - your legal liability to pay compensation for pollution which results in injury or damage to property or the environment, up to £2 million.
  • Livestock - a range of covers are available for your herd to suit the needs of your business.
  • Money and Malicious Attack - your money is protected against loss or theft at your premises and whilst you take it to the bank up to £5,000, as well as unauthorised use of any credit, cheque, bank or cash card, up to £10,000.
  • Goods in Transit - protection for your goods, other than livestock, while they’re in transit in your vehicles or a replacement vehicle.
  • Contractors' All Risks - damage to contract works and materials while you’re at or travelling to or from the contract site, including machinery you own or hire.
  • Commercial Legal Expenses - the cost of legal representation to defend your legal rights, and any agreed compensation awards, up to £250,000.
  • Group Personal Accident - protecting yourself and employees aged 16 to 65 against the financial impact of death or disability following an accident or illness.
  • Engineering Insurance - accidental damage or breakdown of machinery and plant.
  • Engineering Inspection Services provided by Vulcan Inspection Services - plant and equipment inspections and certification to prevent injury or business interruption, and to meet your regulatory obligations.
  • Terrorism - protection against property damage and loss of income caused by acts of terrorism in England, Scotland and Wales.

What's not included:

  • Property - storm or flood damage to fences, gates, hedges and portable property, or crops in the open.
  • Business Interruption - all losses if there hasn’t been an insured property claim (it doesn’t have to be with us).
  • Public and Product Liability - injury to any employees – this is specifically covered by Employers’ Liability insurance, which is a legal requirement if you have employees.
  • Employers' Liability - work involving asbestos, unless exposure is unintentional.
  • Environmental Liability - pollution from storage tanks partially or wholly underground.
  • Livestock - an illness, disease or condition that appears during first the 14 days of this cover, unless you had continuous insurance for this previously.
  • Money and Malicious Attack - forgery or fraudulent use of a computer or electronic transfer.
  • Goods in Transit - theft from an unattended vehicle, unless locked, keys removed and there is forcible entry.
  • Contractors' All Risks - wear, tear and gradual deterioration, and faulty or defective workmanship.
  • Commercial Legal Expenses - costs and legal action that haven't been agreed in advance and cases where there is no reasonable prospect of a successful outcome .
  • Group Personal Accident - pre-existing health conditions.
  • Engineering Insurance - gradual deterioration and damage caused by maintenance, repair, overhaul, modification or misuse.
  • Engineering Inspection Services - Damage to plant caused by its inability to withstand testing as part of the inspection.
  • Terrorism - riot, civil commotion or war.
This is not an exhaustive list, more information can be found in the important documents section.

The cover you choose will depend on your circumstances and your local NFU Mutual agency office will take the time to understand these needs and explain the full details, including any limits and exclusions that may apply, to help ensure it‘s right for you.

Why choose us?

Why choose us?

  • Heritage

    With over 110 years of insurance knowledge and expertise, we know the industry inside and out.


    With over 110 years of insurance knowledge and expertise, we know the industry inside and out.

  • Mutual Bonus

    We reward loyalty through Mutual Bonus, a saving when you renew a General Insurance policy.

    Mutual Bonus

    We reward loyalty through Mutual Bonus, a saving when you renew a General Insurance policy.

  • Local presence

    With a network of over 280 agency offices nationwide, we can get to know you and your business.

    Local presence

    With a network of over 280 agency offices nationwide, we can get to know you and your business.

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