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Agricultural Undergraduate Award Application

You can apply for this Award by submitting the information below.

By doing so, you have acknowledged that you meet the criteria below:

  • Planning to study an undergraduate degree in Agriculture at a UK-based college or university starting in autumn 2016
  • You have achieved/ or are expected to gain at least 260 UCAS points or the equivalent
  • Your course will include an element of rural business management

The submission deadline for all applications is Sunday 1st October 2017..

Applicants who are shortlisted for the Award will be contacted in November 2017 and will be asked to present references from tutors or employers to aid the selection process.

If you have any queries about the Award please contact Charlie Yorke at

Good luck with your application.

I can confirm that I have applied to study a degree that meets the criteria for this Award at a UK-based college or university and the to the best of my knowledge, this application form has been completed in truth. If I am selected to receive the NFU Mutual Agricultural Undergraduate Award I will observe the conditions now made, or hereafter be made, by the NFU Mutual. If successful, I also agree to take part in publicity requested by NFU Mutual.