Fund Updates

You should be aware that the value of your investment may go down and you may get back less than you invested.

Here you will find information about recent fund changes and any updated documents related to these changes. 

February 2024

Changes to the NFU Mutual OEIC sub-funds through My Investments

With effect from 26th April 2024, we will change the names of the following sub-funds:

  • NFU Mutual Gilt & Corporate Bond Fund
  • NFU Mutual UK Growth Fund
  • NFU Mutual Global Growth Fund

We will also make changes to the investment objective and policy for each of these sub-funds and the NFU Mutual UK Equity Income Fund.

These changes do not alter the way the sub-funds are managed, and you do not need to take any action. 

More details of the changes including the revised wording for each fund are available in Fund Changes [PDF: 55KB].

September 2023

My Investments change to charges

Effective from 1st September we are making two changes to the charges that apply on our NFU Mutual My Investments account and the investments that are held within this account.

The two changes we are making, one is an increase to the yearly Service Charge paid to us to run the My Investments account and the products held within that account. The second change is a reduction in the Ongoing Charge paid when investing in NFU Mutual investment funds.

Our Service Charge sees the yearly charge on money invested in investment funds or held as cash, up to the value of £25,000, increase from 0.45% from 0.50%. All My Investments customers will pay this increased charge. None of our other charges are increasing.

The Ongoing Charge paid for funds managed by NFU Mutual is reducing by 0.05%. This reduced Ongoing Charge has been made possible by the increase in the money managed by NFU Mutual’s fund managers meaning the cost to investors can be reduced.   

Investment Pathways 2 and 4 fund changes

Effective from 11th September for Investment Pathway 2 (buy an annuity within 5 years) and Investment Pathway 4 (take all my money as cash within 5 years), we are changing the fund that we offer from our Gilt & Corporate Bond fund to our With-Profits Risk Level 2 fund.

We are switching all customers invested in this pathway to the new fund. Any new investments into the investment pathways from this date will be invested in our With-Profits Risk Level 2 fund.