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Health and Safety for Businesses

Giving you the tools to help you

NFU Mutual Risk Management Services has a team of highly skilled consultants to assist with all of your health and safety needs. Our experts can identify the dangers facing your business and offer one to one solutions personalised to your business.

Health and safety responsibilities depend on your industry, your employees, and the size and layout of your workplace. Navigating your way through health and safety legislation can be complex.

If you fail to put effective risk management systems in place, your business could be adversely affected in many ways.  We have created a series of guidance notes to provide practical advice on meeting your legal obligations, as determined by the UK’s Health and Safety Executive.  From the forms you need to complete when dealing with machinery or chemicals, to step-by-step advice on completing a risk assessment, we have tried to make it seem more manageable for you.

If you’re running a small business take a look at Health and Safety for Small Business.

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