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Winchester & Wickham Agency

I am incredibly impressed with the service that NFU Mutual Winchester & Wickham have provided in advance of even getting the policy off the ground. I had forgotten what real responsive and personalised service was like and thought it had disappeared, as no other organisation I deal with even comes close to your accessibility and responsiveness. As soon as we are moved in, we will be transferring our other insurances to you as you evidently treat your customers with value and as people rather than a number that just is an annoyance buried behind a computer.

It is so much better to be able to say ‘yes’ and work to a solution rather than ’no’ and justify all the reasons why things can’t be done.

Long-term business relationships are built on trust confidence and above all quality and consistency of service.  You and NFU Mutual score way above any competition-thank you.

Mr S, December 2020