NFU Mutual Charitable Trust joins farmers’ support for Ukraine with donation

We’re proud to announce a £150,000 donation to support communities affected by the crisis in Ukraine.

The emergency donation will be made through the NFU Mutual Charitable Trust, an independent charity we set up to support charitable initiatives.

The Trust will be making its donation to the Disasters Emergency Committee’s Ukraine Appeal.

In addition to this donation, NFU Mutual is divesting from all Russian holdings as soon as practically possible and has signed up to the Association of British Insurers (ABI) pledges, which commit to allowing customers to use their private and commercial vehicles to deliver humanitarian aid into neighbouring countries.

Jim McLaren MBE, Chairman of the NFU Mutual Charitable Trust, said: “Right across the UK we are seeing extraordinary efforts by farmers, rural communities and the farming unions to support and show solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

“This devastating crisis has touched everyone and people are desperate to help. Some will have worked alongside Ukrainian colleagues on British farms and are deeply concerned for their Ukrainian friends and their families, others will be watching the terrible events unfold at home and want to do all they can to support the victims of the crisis.

“As a mutual, we support the issues that are important to our members and we hope our special donation of £150,000 to the Disasters Emergency Committee Appeal will help further the incredible support shown by farmers across the UK.

“Many NFU Mutual staff and Agents are already supporting the people of Ukraine through their own efforts with a range of activities, from setting up donation stations to fundraising in the communities they serve.”