The Executive Team

Our Executive Team are responsible for delivering the Group’s strategic objectives and commercial strategy.

Introducing our Executive Team

Nick Turner headshot

Nick Turner

Group Chief Executive

Nick was appointed NFU Mutual Group Chief Executive in 2021. He was appointed to the Board in 2013 and was previously Sales and Agency Director where…

Iain Baker headshot

Iain Baker

Risk Director

Iain joined NFU Mutual in 2004. He is responsible for all risk activities across the Group, including managing the relationship with our regulators, e…

Kenny Graves headshot

Kenny Graves

HR Director

Kenny joined NFU Mutual in 2017 as Head of HR and was appointed HR Director in 2023. Previously Head of HR at Police Mutual and Phoenix, Kenny has in…

Rachel Kelsall headshot

Rachel Kelsall

Customer Services Director

Rachel was appointed to the Board in 2023. With a focus on driving outstanding levels of customer service and satisfaction, Rachel’s responsibilities…

Tim Mann headshot

Tim Mann

IT Director

Tim joined NFU Mutual in 2010 and has overall responsibility for the leadership of our IT Division, including Cyber Security operations. Tim spent 13…

Bev Mitchell headshot

Bev Mitchell

Director of Marketing and Digital

Bev joined NFU Mutual in 2015 to shape strategic change within the Strategy and Marketing division. She was appointed Director of Marketing and Digita…

Richard Morley headshot

Richard Morley

Finance Director

Richard joined NFU Mutual in 2011 and was appointed to the Board in 2018. His responsibilities include Financial & Regulatory Reporting, Financial Pla…

Nick Watson headshot

Nick Watson

Sales & Agency Director

Nick was appointed to the Board in 2021 as Sales and Agency Director. He has 30 years of financial services experience; 24 of which have been in insur…