Two children playing rugby at Strathmore rugby club

The NFU Mutual Community Giving Fund

Supporting community initiatives and charitable events

The NFU Mutual Community Giving Fund (CGF) was set up in 2005 to support community initiatives and charitable events, as well as to help boost staff fundraising initiatives.

In 2020, it helped 49 community groups and charities across the UK, providing support for front-line charities dealing with the impact of Covid-19.

Our donations have given equipment to a Search and Rescue team, an outdoor shelter for a community centre, PPE for a dementia support group and food parcels for vulnerable members of the community to name but a few.

Our Community Giving Fund has been put on hold for the duration of 2021, whilst we direct £2million funding to local charities through our Agency Giving Fund. We hope to help these charities stay strong and resilient during the pandemic and beyond.  We apologise if you have already applied for a donation via the Community Giving Fund, but no further donations will be available from this fund during 2021. Find out more about the Agency Giving Fund.