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The NFU Mutual Agency Giving Fund

A national fund to deliver local support

NFU Mutual Agency Giving Fund returns in 2022 with £1.92 million for local charities.

We’ve been a champion of rural communities the length and breadth of the UK for over 100 years, supporting local causes is part of what we do day to day. During 2022 we’re proud to be distributing £1.92m to local charities across the UK, by continuing our ‘Agency Giving Fund’ initiative.

The Agency Giving Fund forms part of our £3.25m funding pledge for local and national charities in 2022, to help tackle the ongoing effects of the pandemic and assist with recovery.

The history of NFU Mutual’s Agency Giving Fund

In 2020, we recognised the vital need for supporting local frontline charities in light of the Coronavirus Pandemic, and so we set up the Agency Giving Fund.

We know that our agency businesses are best-placed in their communities to identify where local funds should be directed, so we have invited them all to nominate local charities to receive a share of the fund. Our agency offices and branches cover over 295 locations nationwide, so this will also ensure our donations reach all corners of the UK.

£1 million was distributed through the Agency Giving Fund during 2020 to help our communities deal with the unfolding situation and, in response to the ongoing challenges faced by communities across the UK, we distributed a further £2 million through our Agency Giving Fund during 2021.  

How our 2022 fund is already making a difference

We are currently inviting our agency businesses to nominate local charities to receive a donation from our £1.92m  fund this year. More than 100 agencies have now nominated their chosen causes, which means we are already donating over £663,000 to charities up and down the country.

From providing food parcels, to supporting local hospices and mental health support groups, our fund is championing front-line charities across a broad range of sectors, helping to keep vital services going for our members and their communities. Here are three of the causes we’ve supported so far:

Brainwaves NI, nominated by Ballymoney Agency Brainwaves NI (Northern Ireland) is a volunteer-led charity that has been providing support services for children and adults with brain tumours, their families and carers, since 1994.  Brainwaves NI is the only NI cancer charity dedicated to brain tumours and all of the money raised is spent in Northern Ireland. Ian Gregg, Senior Agent at Ballymoney NFU Mutual, said: “We’re extremely proud to have nominated Brainwaves NI for this donation and are delighted to be able to support the vital contribution they make to our community.”

Highland Disability Golf, nominated by Dingwall Agency Jonathan Hogg, Farming Agent, explains why they chose this charity: “The charity provides help and support for those with learning difficulties in our area to come together and socialise and play golf. It’s all about making friends and keeping fit.  Having seen the work that they do, and the enjoyment that the people they help get from this charity, when I have attended one of their events, we thought they were a very worthy cause to nominate for the fund.”

Maggie’s Yorkshire, nominated by Boston Spa and Harrogate Agency
Maggie’s ensures that local people with cancer, and their family and friends, have access to free support and advice from highly trained members of staff. This means getting useful information about the side effects of treatment, helping with money worries or simply being comforted by a friendly face with a cup of tea.  Caroline Pullich, Managing Partner at the agency, said: “I am a proud Board Member of Maggie’s Yorkshire, so I am very aware of how crucial their support is to people in the local area. Many of our customers, their family and friends, have received help from the charity and our agency is delighted to have nominated Maggie’s for this year’s Agency Giving Fund.”

To see how the 2021 NFU Mutual Agency Giving Fund made a difference to local communities affected by Coronavirus, please see our impacts film and read some of our case studies.

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