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Time to speak

James Saker

10 Essentials for your Garden

Posted by on 30/11/2016

Gardening is the one the UK’s most beloved pastimes. To quote the English poet Francis Bacon, ‘a garden is the purest of human pleasures’, and there is no doubt that he was correct in his affirmation.

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While Philip Hammond announced that his first Autumn Statement would be his last – describing the annual event as unnecessary - he still made a number of announcements which will have far-reaching implications for your finances.

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The Chancellor has announced plans to reduce the amount people can pay into their pension after they have taken a taxable sum. This will reduce the limit on personal and employer contributions to money purchase pensions from £10,000 to £4,000 per year.

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Given the already known Brexit related economic impacts and government comments about resetting economic policy, the Autumn Statement did not cause any significant shocks for the investment markets.

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The change to salary sacrifice came as no surprise, and is part of the Government’s wider intention to ‘close the tax gap’ – that is the difference between what it believes it should be receiving if the rules were applied as intended and what it actually receives.

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Tenants renting properties will no longer have to pay up front fees to letting agents after Chancellor Philip Hammond announced they would be banned – but questions remain over who will ultimately foot the bill.

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