Agency Merger

We are excited to announce the merger of NFU Mutual’s Marlow, Reading and Buckingham agencies from 1st February 2024.

The new combined agency will operate under the name NFU Mutual Buckingham, Marlow and Reading agency and is being run by local Agents John Bloomer and Hayden Langford.

Our commitment to serving our farming and agricultural community remains unwavering with all three office locations remaining open and unchanged.

The merger has created a large and dedicated Farming & Commercial team of experienced staff, who are committed to serving the unique needs of our farming and commercial customers, helping them to thrive.

Additionally, the merger allows us to manage our customer service operations, helping to ensure that your calls and enquiries are managed efficiently across our multiple sites so that when you call us, your enquiry will be answered by one of our dedicated and experienced team members.

We’re thrilled to embark on this new chapter and continue to deliver a first-class service to our clients. Thank you for your continued trust and support and we look forward to seeing how we can support you in 2024 and beyond.