Estates Insurance

Owner, resident estate manager or land agent, there’s a lot to think about when running an estate.

Whether you take a traditional approach or have an appetite for innovation and have diversified, there are countless things to consider.

A listed building of historic interest. An estate that houses a collection of fine art or classic cars. A large working farm with farm shops, public access and rental properties. A mansion house that opens its doors to the public and hosts special events, such as weddings and concerts. Whatever type of estate you run, it will be unique and the insurance requirements complex.

All estates face a wide range of risks - from flooding and fire, to theft, loss of income or liability for injury to visitors or employees. Recognising that every estate is different we understand that one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. With our Estates Select insurance policy we offer tailored insurance cover to protect you should the worst happen.

We’ll use our expertise and knowledge of your environment to recommend cover that has specific benefits to your estate. It’s flexible, so you can choose cover that meets your needs now and in the future.

Key things to know about our cover

  • Property - Cover for buildings (including houses and cottages), contents and stock, which you can protect against damage caused by common risks such as fire, flood, storm or escape of water. Alterations, additions and improvements can also be covered for 90 days. This will be up to 15% of the amount you’re insured for, and up to a maximum of £500,000
  • Liability - You or your employees may be held responsible for accidental injury to visitors, customers or the public, or for damage to their property. Our normal cover is £10 million but you can choose higher limits. Also as an employer, you have a legal responsibility to buy employers’ liability insurance. If you choose to add this we provide £10 million as standard but higher limits are available 
  • Legal expenses - Legal disputes can stretch the resources of any business. They can be complicated, costly and time consuming. We can help protect you and your employees during legal disputes, providing a specialist lawyer to advise and support you, and cover against legal costs, up to £250,000.

Why choose NFU Mutual?

Local presence

With a network of over 300 agency offices nationwide, we can meet you face to face and really get to know you and your business.


With over 100 years of insurance knowledge and expertise, we know the industry inside and out.


Instead of making decisions based on shareholders' needs, we make them with your best interests in mind. We reward our loyal customers through a Mutual Bonus which provides a saving on the renewal premium of your General Insurance policy.

Find your local NFU Mutual office and have a real conversation about your business needs, and see why 9 out of 10 business insurance customers choose to stay with us year after year.