Event Insurance

Including Cancellation Cover & Public Liability to give organisers peace of mind

Event organisers can face various risks – from cancellation and theft of money, to liability for injury to the public and property damage.

Whether it’s a community gathering, sports day or agricultural show, event organisers can face various risks – from cancellation and theft of money, to liability for injury to the public and property damage. As an event organiser, you or your employees may also be held responsible for accidental injury to the public, or for damage to their property.

Our Event Insurance policy is designed to protect event organisers from these risks. We’ll provide you with a personalised quote that covers a range of activities. The policy includes standard cover for every event but you have the flexibility to tailor it to each occasion. You can’t anticipate everything when organising an event but with our insurance you can feel confident that there is someone looking out for you and every possibility.

Key things to know about our Events Insurance cover.

You can choose to add this cover to your policy which will help to protect you against losses and expenses such as:

Cancellation Cover

Has your event been cancelled or postponed through no fault of your own? Our cover protects you against losses and expenses such as venue costs, advertising and promotional expenditure, and refunds to delegates or exhibitors.

And our policies take into account the risks involved caused by elements such as the weather or last-minute cancellations by performers. This is the Event Insurance you need to sleep more soundly at night. Please note, there are some exclusions such as bad weather between November and March for events outside.

Loss or theft of money

When people gather together in crowds, unpredictable things can happen. Even if you’re organising a charity event there may individuals who wish to take advantage of your generous guests.

We protect you with Event Insurance that covers the loss or theft of money at your event, while being taken to the bank or in a bank night safe, for up to £5,000. This means your charities get the money they need and you get the justice you deserve.

Public Liability Insurance for event organisers

Event organisers take on a lot of responsibility. Our Event Liability Insurance protects you against legal liabilities connected with your event. As an event organiser, you or your employees may be held responsible for accidental injury to the public, or for damage to their property.

Our normal cover is £2.5 million but you can choose higher limits. Also, as an employer, you have a legal responsibility to buy Employers’ Liability Insurance. If you choose to add this, we provide £10 million as standard but higher limits are available.

Planning a summer outdoor wedding?

Outdoor weddings should be joyous occasions. However, they can offer a lot of challenges for those tasked with organising them, for example on farms. Other summer events involving sports or music are also hugely popular and can provide crucial income to land owners.

Our Events Insurance covers single events and those running over multiple days to ease your worries and help you concentrate on putting on the best show possible.

Do event planners need insurance?

If you’re an event planner you’ll understand the unpredictable nature of your profession. Things can go wrong: people fall over tables, music acts fail to show up, or the coach breaks down when sports teams are travelling to your venue. These situations and many more could lead to loss of money or even legal action against you.

With our Event Insurance we protect you against the worst that can happen meaning you can focus on creating events that excite your guests and allow you more freedom to experiment with something a little different. All your best laid plans will be more likely to succeed and you’ll also be a more attractive proposition to those looking for event organisers who have everything covered.


If we offered you the same fixed price for every event you organise then we’d be doing you an injustice. When calculating the costs of your Event Insurance we’ll consider a number of factors such as the duration of the event, where it’s taking place and how many people are attending.

For example, events involving agricultural machinery are likely to be riskier than those where the only equipment is trestle tables and some chairs. Talk to us, let’s look at your event and we’ll give you a quote that is fair and comprehensive.

You need to be covered against as many eventualities as possible. This requires Event Public Liability Insurance and Event Cancellation Insurance as well as specific insurance that covers loss of money or assaults on site that will be no fault of your own but can happen. You need to be covered for any employees who may be working on site. And it’s also important to have Property Insurance in case damage takes place.

Our policy covers you for Public Liability and Money and Assault as a standard. On top of that you can choose to get cover for other scenarios such as cancellation, property damage, employers’ liability and group personal accident.

As we’ve explained, every event is different and the cost of Public Liability Insurance will differ for every one-off event. Our experts can talk you through the issues and factors involved so you can make the right choice for your Event Insurance.

Even when your event has the best intentions and aims to do good, the legal issues are no different. That means you’ll need the same level of insurance as any other event.

Let’s talk about the wedding you’re planning: where is it taking place, how many guests will be there and what entertainment are you providing? It’s factors such as these that will ultimately determine the overall cost of your insurance.

The advantage of getting Event Insurance from us is that we make it human and personal, considering the factors involved closely so that you’re not paying for things you don’t need or missing important elements that give you crucial coverage. After talking, we’ll then deliver a quote that is fair and understandable for your event.

Find your local NFU Mutual office and have a real conversation about your business needs, and see why 9 out of 10 business insurance customers choose to stay with us year after year.