Business Liability

Protect your business against potential legal liabilities.

We can help safeguard your business against legal liabilities connected with your day-to-day business activities.

As part of our business insurance we can offer comprehensive cover including employers' liability, public liability and product liability and can cover you against:

  • Damage to vehicles legitimately parked at your premises
  • Costs to defend proceedings against you under legislation relating to:
    o  Corporate manslaughter
    o  Health and safety
    o  Data protection, up to £500,000
    o  Defective premises
    o  Food safety and consumer protection
  • Damage to premises hired or rented to you in connection with your business.

Employers' liability

As an employer, you have a legal responsibility to buy employers' liability insurance. It's vital to check what your personal requirements are to avoid potentially high sanctions.

We provide £10 million as standard cover but higher limits are available. Our employers' liability insurance covers damages arising from injury and illness to employees, including while working aboard for up to 60 consecutive days.

Public liability

As a business, you or your employees may be held responsible for accidental injuries to clients, customers or the public or for damage to their property. Even if your business wasn't at fault, legal defence can often prove costly and detrimental to business. We can protect you against these damages. Our normal cover is £2.5 million or you can choose higher limits to meet the specific needs of your business or clients.

Product liability

Product liability includes damages arising from injury to the public or their property that is caused by your products.

What our Business Liability insurance does not cover

  • Liability arising from pollution other than by a sudden and unexpected incident
  • Injury arising from any vehicles requiring compulsory motor insurance
  • Professional advice or services given for a fee
  • Products exported to the USA or Canada
  • Work involving asbestos, unless exposure is unintentional or accidental.

Protect your business today

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