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With the new tax year here, you can now start using your ISA allowances for 2024/25.

You’ll be able to invest up to £20,000 for ISAs and up to £9,000 into a Junior ISA for each eligible child. And, the sooner you do, the more potential you’ll have, as any growth is free of UK Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax.

Explore our ISA products

A Stocks and Shares ISA is a great way to invest for the mid to long-term, ideally five or more years. They also have tax benefits, as any growth is free from UK Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax.

  • We have a range of funds to suit various risk appetites, that give you the choice to leave the decision making to us or take a more active approach yourself.
  • You can start investing from as little as £50 per month and/or a lump sum of £1,000.
  • You have the flexibility to increase regular payments or make withdrawals when you like.
  • Ability to track the performance of our Select ISA products through our My Investments online platform.
  • We also offer our Shrewd Savings Plan ISA, which invests in our With-Profits Fund, which aims to smooth out some of the peaks and troughs of investment returns.

Important things to remember

Please remember the value of investments can rise or fall, and you may get back less than invested.

The value of tax benefits depends on individual circumstances and may change in the future.

NFU Mutual Financial Advisers advise on NFU Mutual products and selected products from specialist providers. When you get in touch, we’ll explain the advice services we offer and our charges.

Financial advice is provided by NFU Mutual Select Investments Ltd.

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