Planning your farm diversification

When planning your diversification there are a number of different considerations you should make, from how you want to diversify to making sure that you have the right insurance cover in place. Find out more through our farm diversification planning tool below.

What is farm diversification?

In a nutshell, farm diversification is seeking innovative ways to use your existing assets to create diverse revenue streams and spread risk. Many farmers are choosing to diversify their farming activities in an effort to boost income, build resilience and future-proof their farms for generations to come through innovative and occasionally unexpected ideas - and over time, this approach is becoming more and more popular.

If you’re considering a diversification project for your farm, or have already done so but are unsure on next steps, we've developed a diversification planning tool to provide useful hints, tips and advice. You can also find out how your local NFU Mutual agency office can support you on your diversification journey.

We recommend you contact your NFU Mutual Agent

By diversifying your farm activities you may be exposing yourself to risks that aren't currently covered by your existing farm insurance policy.

A conversation with your NFU Mutual Agent can help you to understand any new risks you might be exposed to as a result of these activities and help you to make sure you have the right cover in place.

In the next step you can request a call back from your agency office, who are ready to support you on your diversification journey. 

Speak to an NFU Mutual Agent

It might be that your diversification activity has exposed you to risks that you aren't covered for by your current insurer.

Our specialist farming Agents can help you understand these risks and make sure you have the right cover in place.

In the next step you can request a call back from your local agency office. The team will help review the risks of your diversification and provide the cover you need. 

Based on your answers you're already on your diversification journey

If you need further advice or support, your NFU Mutual Agent is available to speak to.

You can find out about how other farmers have diversified by reading our case studies:

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We recommend you speak to an NFU Mutual Agent

By speaking to one of our specialist farming Agents, they can help you make sure you're adequately protected at every step of your diversification journey. They will help you better understand key insurance considerations, potential risks to your plan and pitfalls to avoid. 

It's vital that you understand how your business will change during and after your diversification project and to make sure that your insurance cover accurately reflects any new risks new activities might present.

In the following steps we'll ask you some questions about your diversification, why you are diversifying and the support you are looking for, so that one of our farming Agents can provide you with the answers you are looking for. 

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