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two tractors in front of a farm yard

Tractor Insurance

Comprehensive cover to keep your tractor and agricultural vehicles on the job

Tractors are more than just wheels, GPS units and machinery – they’re what keep you going. That’s why we value them just as much as you do.

We offer protection that ensures as little disruption as possible to your work should anything happen to your vehicles. 

Tractors can be expensive assets and play a huge role in managing fields and farms across the UK. We appreciate how crucial they are to farmers, particularly for commercial use and understand the difference in mechanics and requirements for tractors compared to other vehicles.

Whether you operate a fleet of tractors on a large farm, or are a one-man band, smallholder or vintage tractor collector, our comprehensive Agricultural Vehicles insurance policy will keep you covered.

As part of our standard policy, you’ll be covered for:

  • If your vehicle is less than one year old and is written off or stolen, we’ll replace it with a new one
  • Trailers and implements are covered up to £500,000, including horse and livestock trailers
  • You’re covered for damage to electrical wiring, ECUs and alternators caused by a short circuit
  • £5 million Public Liability cover for third party property damage
  • Goods in transit cover up to £1,000
  • Cover for Mobile GPS units whilst attached and detached, excluding any free-standing base station

For a quote or further information on how to protect your tractors and other agricultural vehicles speak to your local NFU Mutual agency office.

Third Party, Fire and Theft Agricultural Vehicle Insurance, Product Information Document [PDF: 76KB], and Third Party Agricultural Vehicle Insurance, Product Information Document [PDF: 73KB], are also available.